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Public Enemy Is Joined By Nas, Black Thought & More For Rendition of Fight The Power | BET Awards 20

#Fight The Power performance #Rapsody BET Awards #Rapsody #Flavor Flav #Entertainment
Chuck D and Flavor Flav of the group Public Enemy open up the 2020 BET Awards with Nas, Black Thought, Rapsody, Jahi, and YG and perform their classic hit, “Fight The Power.”

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This song should be the black national anthem

by Jay Dub 3 days ago

Was waiting on this. Dope beyond measure. THIS IS Hip Hop

by terryts2 3 days ago

My girl Rapsody holding it down like a down to earth queen on this track.

by Patrice Easley 3 days ago

We were never taught in school how Central Park was once a black town (Seneca Village) that was destroyed.

by Bongo_Yoot 3 days ago

"You love Black Panther but not Fred Hampton"....TRUTH!

by Jaquanda Martin 2 days ago

Being black is not a crime. We are human beings and we should not be treated this way because of being beautifully coloured. This needs to end. Sign the petitions. Do all you can. If you have a platform use it. Black lives matter

by Laveda Liverpool 3 days ago

Not enough people talking about Rapsody's verse.

by Josh G 2 days ago

We finally got Black Thought and Nas on the same track.

by Coach Wane 3 days ago

I miss this Era of Hip-Hop .,,Public Enemy, X Clan, Poor Righteous Teachers, KRS-One and Of Course The Last Poets when being conscious came with a message. We need this right now.

by Tim S. 3 days ago

"if racism's the cancer then Black Thought's the answer"

by Splashy Kumalo 2 days ago

The Huey Newton chair Nas sitting in💯✊🏾✊🏾

by Djhd Jxjkc 3 days ago

"Fight The Power". "Fight For Equality" "Speak Up"

by KenRobert1 3 days ago

“They saying it’s suicide when dead bodies are swinging “ “4quarter burger ended in murder” this WHOLE DEBUT JUST GAVE ME CHILLS and we are in 2020 not 1920

by Babee DoLL 2 days ago

So proud of Keedron Bryant opening this up. He is 12 years old.. PROPS

by Rishi Linley 2 days ago

Being black is amazing. Y’all be proud ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥

by Trey Mathews 3 days ago

“Watching George Killed for a twenty, think about it, that’s 2,000 pennies.” 💡

by Full Hundred 2 days ago

When Nas said ' Central park once was a thriving black town"...For the youth and uninformed he is talking about Seneca Village...Google it

by Coach Reed 2 days ago

He died over 2000 pennies!!!

by purp jones 3 days ago

"Most of my hero's don't appear on Stamps" - Legends

by Salmz 3 days ago

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