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Summer Walker & Usher Bring The Vibes With Performance Of “Session 32” & “Come Thru” | BET Awards 20

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Summer Walker & Usher come through with fire performance of “Session 32” and “Come Thru/ You Make Me Wanna” at the 2020 BET Awards #BETAwards20 #SummerWalker #Usher #BETAwards

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I think this is Summer's speed, she shines more without a big production.

by Wanya 3 days ago

This whole performance was a Vibe, calming but strong energies showing of both of their effortless talents

by Assie Lee 3 days ago

Girl imma need a acoustic album cos this be hittin DIFFERENT.

by Aliyah Fraser 3 days ago

I feel this was the best performance Summer Walker ever gave. She was relaxed and just being comfortable. This is her kind of performance element

by Laticia Perry 3 days ago


by Cherelle Roberts 3 days ago

I love that they stripped Come Thru down.
Usher's voice has only gotten better with time.

by denise 3 days ago

Usher is frozen in time looks and sounds. It’s not a bad thing at all! Put some respect on that man name.

by Britney C 2 days ago

Summer has gifted vocal arrangements

by Kristmaz808 3 days ago

Her and Usher on those separate stages next to each other, coming together at the end..It's solid, beautiful performance 💯

by Eireee17 3 days ago

CAN WE TALK ABOUT USHER’S RUN AT THE END?!?! That shit was clean and jazzy af.

by D. Foxx 3 days ago

As she should !! I licherally don't know a bad Summer Walker song..

by issaweera 3 days ago

This acoustic is 🔥. Her voice was meant for the 90s.

by Dys E. 3 days ago

Socially distanced performance done right. Usher knew to stop right on that couch.

by Mytutucents 3 days ago

Summer was meant for the 90s! She's a whole vibe! They did that! Usher is a whole legend!

by Melly Mel 3 days ago

She is giving me life with this hairstyle, she honestly gives me like....Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez from TLC

by joshuainoa 3 days ago

When she started singing the original version of You Make me Wanna 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

by Jonathas Davi 3 days ago

My boy usher Vocals is on goat level

by King Amadi 3 days ago

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