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"Young Forever/Halo" #OnTheRunHBO

#halo #hbo #young forever #beyonce #Music
Thank you for making the On The Run Tour an unforgettable experience..
Now available on HBO On Demand and HBO GO
Check http://HBO.com for replay info.

#on the run tour #jay z

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I love y’all I have cancer and won’t make it to see my 20th birthday please stay together and live y’all life to the fullest I wish I could 😰😥😣

by Jordan Anderson 1 year ago

Well, don’t hate me but who is listening in 2020?

by Astou Ba 4 months ago

Here I am having my personal concert doing the corona virus quarantine

by aufa joe 2 months ago

When jay says : WE DID IT ! 😭 aww... Its so happy to see people happy with their life and achieve their life goals... God, i hope i can be like that too 😣

by kokonut is a giant nut 4 months ago

Beyoncé should perform this & Halo at Kobe’s service. She’s the ONLY person with songs that go hand in hand with the times.

by LJ Jones 4 months ago

this is the most beautiful video on the internet. end of the story.

by keya asatiani 3 years ago

Why is nobody talking about how gorgeous Beyoncé is

by Riccardo Magnoni 3 weeks ago

Isn’t it funny? When this came out during my time in college I liked the ‘Forever Young’ part. Now five years later being married and having a daughter myself the ‘Halo’ part hits right in the feels.

by Аян Каирбеков 5 months ago

Corona virus let us live forever God help us protect the World from this monster virus 🙏🙏🙏

by Hadja Bah 2 months ago

💔 Rest in Peace 💔

KOBE BRYANT and his Daughter GIANNA

by G H 4 months ago

This song makes me wanna quit my job, find love and just do what I love. Like is too short to be living for others....live for yourself!

by Praise O 11 months ago

Who's listening to this in 2020 ❣️

by Gigi Ghalichi 4 months ago

I occasionally come here to watch their epic performance and MY QUEEN and then cry

by aylin akdağ 4 months ago

am I the only one who is dying over their interaction between - ?? to me it is pure love .

by Mia Ghabarou 4 months ago

Don’t blame,,this my first time watching this...I have missed a lot 😢

by dream chaser 1 week ago

I always come back to watch this, I dont even care about them or their private lifes but this moment between two human beings is just so beautiful to watch.

by Kiddy TheCat 3 years ago

When they kissed & hugged each other after "WE DID IT!" & the camera capturing the moment in slow mo.... Oh god... 💯❤️

by How do I by Bernadeth B. 1 week ago


by Binsoy Gudes 3 months ago

I will listen to this song forever and ever...

by Maria 6 days ago

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