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Bfb Da Packman x Sada Baby - Free Joe Exotic

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“FREE JOE EXOTIC ” is now Streaming on ALL PLATFORMS
Apple Music ► https://music.apple.com/us/artist/bfb-da-packman/1343454935
Tidal ► https://tidal.com/browse/album/143511867?play=true
SPOTIFY ► https://open.spotify.com/album/0YJ3KK1ZCwcFV0LMOPyico?nd=1
►Twitter - https://twitter.com/bfbdapackman
►Instagram - https://instagram.com/bfbdapackman
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BfbDa Packman photo 1 Bfb Da Packman x Sada... BfbDa Packman photo 2 Bfb Da Packman x Sada... BfbDa Packman photo 3 Bfb Da Packman x Sada... BfbDa Packman photo 4 Bfb Da Packman x Sada...

Who else keep coming to hear this song. This shit slap

by Winston Holder 1 week ago

When homie lift up da shirt to shake his self wingin his arms around I’m like wow dat molly good huh lol

by BDAYONES 4 days ago

So we just gone ignore that his hoodie says “Still HIV Positive” ? 😂😂! Thanks for the likes appreciate it . ❤️

by andré 1 week ago

this is the HARDEST and most brilliantly funny shit i’ve ever heard

by ZAYWOP 2 weeks ago

The two crazy uncles who steal food off your plate done made a classic song together 😂😂😂😂

by Hate Socializing 6 days ago

Only in Michigan 🤣🤧😤

Like if you from Michigan

by Tori Barmore 3 days ago

“U ever got head from a fein that was snaggatooth” cuh is recklessss😭😭😭😭

by Spooky Spooker 1 week ago

Only two dancers who can beat Michael Jackson 🕺

by Angel Cordova 4 days ago

Sada bars about flint Michigan were deep asf hope that didn’t go ova y’all heads shit gave me chills

by Oshay Glover 5 days ago

When he said
"Suck it Good Chew it Swallow Sour patch kids"
I felt that 😞

by Smith Almighty 6 days ago

We need another Pac-Man and sada baby song

by Tyler Crowley 4 days ago

I couldn't find the mame of the song so I typed "I like hooker hookers hookers"

by Kenny Washington 1 day ago

When he said I got low self-esteem I was a fat kid I felt that

by From The D lek 3 weeks ago

Why was I singing this song outside word for word like it’s cool😂

by Mohammad Sulaiman 3 days ago

All the people putting lines in the comments like we’re not watching the vid😭🤦🏽‍♂️

by Oh RG3 1 week ago

Sada baby:pack man on the beat it’s a slapper

Jr from Cleveland show has entered chat

by Sync -a- 1 week ago

I feel bad to all the people who haven’t heard this song

by SANTIAGO AH KID 4 days ago

Now you wont know how i got 100 likes

by jvde - 1 week ago

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