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7 FORBIDDEN Movement Techs in Overwatch

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Queue lets you view your video replays with teammates in real time, check it out for free! https://queue.gg/?utm_source=blizzguide 7 FORBIDDEN Movement Techniques in Overwatch! Today we look at some crazy and weird tech in overwatch that are banned in pro overwatch league play!
In this video we talk about, Overwatch Tech
Overwatch Movement
Overwatch Tricks
Overwatch Secrets
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Blizzard Guides photo 1 7 FORBIDDEN Movement Techs in... Blizzard Guides photo 2 7 FORBIDDEN Movement Techs in... Blizzard Guides photo 3 7 FORBIDDEN Movement Techs in... Blizzard Guides photo 4 7 FORBIDDEN Movement Techs in...

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by Blizzard Guides 2 weeks ago

Never thought I'd hear the word "Sigma" next to "rollouts" but here we are.

by fireflysou1 1 week ago

why dont they just fix them instead of "banning" them.

by tato 2 weeks ago

Why are the Reinhardt and Sigma Rollouts illegal?

by 537CH 2 weeks ago

“We’re not gonna fix them, so don’t use them”

We did i boys, breaking the game is no more!

by Sneapky 1 week ago

"We are aware these bugs are in the game. Instead of putting in effort to fix them, you're simply not allowed to use them."

by Choked Rat 2 weeks ago

“Please dont abuse these” lmao its the first thing im doing on my comp game

by chorchi 1 week ago

"No anas were harmed in the making of this video"

by lx_renegade 1 week ago

At the start of the vid: “Don’t abuse these”
“It’s very easy and super abuseable”

by JJ Russell 1 week ago

I guarantee you if OWL didn't ban these "map exploits" then matches would be a LOT funner to watch. Instead they just continue to make pointless decisions which end up in their viewership declining. And declining badly. Lmao.

by Xavier 1 week ago

That thumbnail looks like my nerv system when you hit your elbow

by Palmster 2 weeks ago

Gonna stop playing overwatch when Reinhardts start wall riding

by ItwasRene 1 week ago

Didn’t know hammond looked like cardi b in the thumbnail

by Oh Beanos 2 weeks ago

Where do you get ur music from, it's really nice!

by Matties Lammens 1 week ago

meanwhile doomfist mains and their "normal" rocket punch

by BLACK RABBIT 1 week ago

ball goes faster and does dmg when he reaches 15 m/s so you can accomplish this glitch if you nail it between 14 and 15 m/s and go faster and slower so you can activate and deactivate the fireball

by boby fun 1 week ago

This is so well made! Keep up the good work!

by IHasEyes Name 2 weeks ago

that transition with the music tho

by Mika 1 week ago

Me: you know you can use stairs
Sigma: this is way more cool

by Tank Master 1 week ago

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