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Cuomo to Allow Religious Gatherings for Up to 10 People

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May.20 -- New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says religious gatherings with up to 10 people can start taking place Thursday.

Bloomberg Politics photo 1 Cuomo to Allow Religious Gatherings... Bloomberg Politics photo 2 Cuomo to Allow Religious Gatherings... Bloomberg Politics photo 3 Cuomo to Allow Religious Gatherings... Bloomberg Politics photo 4 Cuomo to Allow Religious Gatherings...

Step aside Gov. , you have No authority over this!!!

by Marty Cech 2 weeks ago

Good thing we'll vote and we won't "allow" you to be Governor anymore.

by E Lowe 2 weeks ago

The constitution already allows that. No one needs his permission.

by Taco fan 2 weeks ago

“Allow”. Thought church and state were supposta be separate

by Tyler dooley 2 weeks ago

He doesn’t have power to allow or cancel anything if people would just wake up

by Frank Ortega 2 weeks ago

"Allow" lol, you have no authority over this bud.

by Sterling M 2 weeks ago

10 ppl? but you let more ppl go to the grocery store at a time... 🤔. Churches should sue their state

by Miss Masonya 2 weeks ago

Like 800 people are allowed at my Walmart or Home Depot but only 10 at church???

by J Man 2 weeks ago

Did this guy never read up on what his job is. To listen to what we want

by Liquidanthrax 2 weeks ago

You know it's against the law and judges have already judged this in Oregon.

by Dadson worldwide 2 weeks ago

How brave of Cuomo to allow religous freedom in New York.

by OFFICERMARIO 2 weeks ago

Simply amazing that we are allowing these people to tell us what to do. Social distancing. Masks. Stay at home, lockdown. Soon they will require vaccinations in order to travel or leave your home or to work anywhere.

by Guod 2 weeks ago

10 people most Churches hold 100 or more...no one sits that close to each other.

by Teresa Kenton 2 weeks ago

This guy is nut ten people in a church is just a musician rehearsal

by WALTER 2 weeks ago

Headline should read “Cuomo to allow NY citizens to somewhat exercise their First Amendment Constitutional rights”

by Michael Gruenewald 2 weeks ago

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