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Missouri Couple Points Guns at Protesters Outside Home of St. Louis Mayor

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A man and woman pointed guns at passing protesters who were on their way to the residence of St Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson on June 28.
In video posted to Twitter by averyrisch, the man was seen pointing a rifle at protesters while a woman held a pistol and appeared to be speaking to the passing crowd.
The incident happened on Portland Place, which is a private street in St Louis.
Protesters marched to gather outside of St Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s residence after she read out the names and addresses of people who wanted to defund the police in a video since deleted from Facebook, according to reports.
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This is outside of their own home not the mayors.

by THE LANDOxXx 1 hour ago

It's called standing your ground against trespassers on your property.

by Black Hole 14 minutes ago

Please show the whole video and let the people judge for themselves. Context matters.

by HypnoHustler 14 minutes ago

Darn they didn't get to loot or vandalize with their peaceful protest!

by Mitchel Hale 25 minutes ago

The “protestors” broke into private property by destroying the gate.

by Emperor Charlemagne 7 minutes ago

When will this madness end, Lord deliver us from evil.

by Sonja Anderson 2 hours ago

When seconds count the police are just minutes away.

by BP Traveler 1 hour ago

Bloomberg left out the part that this a gated PRIVATE community these people opened the gate to and entered. Its posted PRIVATE PROPERTY. THIS IS THEIR HOUSE NOT THE MAYORS.

by killersushi99 1 hour ago

That guy needs to learn how to hold a rifle 😂

by Rordon Gamsay 43 minutes ago

That's THEIR HOME. These "protesters" walked through their private property to get to the mayor's house. This is a straight up lie.

by ihaveachihuahau 2 hours ago

According to Bloomberg these people aren't wealthy enough to defend their home. Only people who can afford 24/7 security have that right.

by DavesWorld 2 hours ago

Didn’t they break in to that community? Seems like they’re just protecting their property from potential looters

by Owen Marble 3 minutes ago

guess whose house didnt get looted...lol

by Matt Batson 1 hour ago

Mr Bloomy, You might have been asleep most of 2020 but those are not protestors buddy...

by Nima 1 hour ago

When the police wont come you have to defend yourself.

by Julio Villegas 1 hour ago

If cops don't show up to neighborhoods expect this all over.

by Larkon979 1 hour ago

a whole new meaning to home pest control

by INFOMANIA X 17 minutes ago

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