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WHO on Coronavirus Pandemic: 'The Worst Is Yet to Come'

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The head of the World Health Organization called all countries to overcome any political differences and fight the virus in unison.
Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Monday that the coronavirus exploited divisions among nations.
He said everyone needed to work together to defeat it.
"The worst is yet to come," he warned. "That's why we have to... fight this dangerous virus together."
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Bloomberg QuickTake News photo 1 WHO on Coronavirus Pandemic: 'The... Bloomberg QuickTake News photo 2 WHO on Coronavirus Pandemic: 'The... Bloomberg QuickTake News photo 3 WHO on Coronavirus Pandemic: 'The... Bloomberg QuickTake News photo 4 WHO on Coronavirus Pandemic: 'The...

This reminds me of the Charlie Brown School teacher talking. Lol

by Full Rigor 33 minutes ago

Hey WHO, how are things in Taiwan?

by CF 28 33 minutes ago

2020 the year the world blamed the virus for everything.

by Roselynne 1 hour ago

How can you believe this guy?

by john 36 minutes ago

“Look momma, the devils in TV”

by Matt Allen 8 minutes ago

They just keep repeating the same thing every month.

by Yandere Fangirl 1 hour ago

lol the WHO... the fountain of knowledge 😂 burn in hell Tedros

by Gomz G 35 minutes ago

Thank you Bloomberg, for putting the thumbnail of this 💩 with the hand on the eyeglasses Mosanic sign to show his masters he's a good puppet. Him & Bolton would make great book ends. As if most awake people didn't know they're sell outs. The people are sick of your lies not from the rony.

by Chicken Little 35 minutes ago

"WHO on Coronavirus Pandemic"...Please stand by. We're getting an update from our Chinese masters on the exact words they wish us to use...

by Ken Brun 49 minutes ago

Who just puts a dislike every time you see this guy

by Jafet Rodriguez 17 minutes ago

What does this mean? Can we get any concrete information?

by KharaokeTube 39 minutes ago

Isnt the W.H.O ran by communist CHINA now? 🤣

by Titan12 4 minutes ago

Reminder: This old child is NOT a physician and has videos on the internet of him dancing like a fairy in super short shorts while drinking margaritas.

by adsfafad 19 minutes ago

Hey remember when this corrupt guy said he was gonna step down?

by zippy zipster 1 hour ago

They know because they have been covering up what?
See how this works? Based on what exactly?
Dr Fauci said 3 years ago "This president will face a pandemic" .. based on WHAT?
Dr Fauci has been saying pandemic is coming for decades.. but got specific 3 years ago.. HOW DID HE KNOW?

by uhadme 12 minutes ago

I guess just stay underground until it passes?

by Ray Carney 1 hour ago



by Fixedguitar 13 minutes ago

Those billions of dollars should have been given to help the homeless, help those without food and stimulate the economy

by Greg mcqueen 46 minutes ago

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