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Bob Ross - Dock Scene (Season 7 Episode 12)

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An abandoned shipping boat hugs a pier in a water scene that Bob Ross completes with some charming old dockside storage sheds..
Season 7 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Winter Cabin, Secluded Lake, Evergreens at Sunset, Mountain Cabin, Portrait of Sally, Misty Waterfall, Barn at Sunset, Mountain Splendor, Lake by Mountain, Mountain Glory, Grey Winter, Dock Scene, and Dark Waterfall
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Bob Ross photo 1 Bob Ross - Dock Scene... Bob Ross photo 2 Bob Ross - Dock Scene... Bob Ross photo 3 Bob Ross - Dock Scene... Bob Ross photo 4 Bob Ross - Dock Scene...

When he says "Now we have to make some big decisions", you know it's about to get lit

by Zoe Rooney 2 years ago

โ€œwe still havenโ€™t made any big commitments yetโ€

bob you painted brown on half the canvas youโ€™re scaring me here

by DMroj0 11 months ago

Bob Ross isn't dead. Gather all of his landscape paintings and fix them next to each other appropriately. You'll find him there, in the world he painted.

by Morning 2 years ago

30 minutes without commercials? Oh those were the days!

by ANGRYxPIRATE 4 years ago

Who else falls asleep to this? (In a good way)

by ducklightyear 1 year ago

I dont know, but something is very satisfying whenever I hear the sound of Bob mixing the paint on that palette with his knife.

by Joel Valdez 5 months ago

It crazy to think that Bob Ross was a sergeant in the military. "Get down and give me fifty happy little pushups, soldier"!

by Tyler Keller 10 months ago

I love how he whispers during his videos. Almost like we're painting in secret

by Bryce Crane 1 year ago

If you're wondering who dislikes Bob, its the Devil.

by Strange Love 4 years ago

we're in 2019 and this still works better than most modern medications and anti-depressants.

by HRAYะฏ 10 months ago

My wife is watching the voice, I'm watching Bob Ross paint a dock. Bob is far more entertaining and talented.

by Diesel F350 2 years ago

I miss Bob Ross on TV. No politics, no anger, just calmness.

by Asso D'Clown JR 1 year ago

Bob Ross the type of person to paint the whole canvas black and say "we still haven't made any big commitments yet"

by Tyman938 10 months ago

If only Bob could have been around long enough to see how legendary hes become

by Frank Reynolds 9 months ago

I love how he laughs every time he cleans his brush. It puts a smile on my face and makes me happier!

by Samantha Allen 11 months ago

My mother used to say when the sky was absolutely beautiful, that Bob Ross had painted that sky from Heaven, after he had passed on. Our entire family enjoyed his painting series. We loved all the little critters he brought to the show. I'm the only painter in the family and owe a lot to Bob for making it so easy. God Bless you, Bob Ross. You are truly missed.

by Janey Hazelwood 3 years ago

"It helps if you're a little bit nervous here"
Anxiety has left the chat

by Trevor Vallo 10 months ago

Does he have the Devil in him ?
Take a brush and beat the devil out of the camera man - lol


Bob Ross's motive: teach people painting
Alternative motive: help people sleep

by koopied ninhoed 10 months ago

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