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Bob Ross - Mountain at Sunset (Season 12 Episode 10)

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Spend a half-hour with Bob Ross as he demonstrates the creation of the perfect brown-toned mountain scene โ€“ warm and wonderful!.
Season 12 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Golden Knoll, Mountain Reflections, Secluded Mountain, Bright Autumn Trees, Black Seascape, Steep Mountains, Quiet Mountains River, Evening Waterfall, Tropical Seascape, Mountain at Sunset, Soft Mountain Glow, Mountain in an Oval, and Winter Mountain.
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Season 12 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...
Originally aired on 7/1/1987

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Bob Ross photo 1 Bob Ross - Mountain at... Bob Ross photo 2 Bob Ross - Mountain at... Bob Ross photo 3 Bob Ross - Mountain at... Bob Ross photo 4 Bob Ross - Mountain at...

This is the happy place of YouTube.

by Rob Gur 3 years ago

You know the painting is gonna be lit when he whips out that prussian blue

by Nobiclarke 3 years ago

Bob Ross: paints a tree
Me: Nice
Bob Ross: paints another tree beside it Because everyone needs a friend.
Me: sheds a single tear Nice.

by Frostu 3 years ago

When you feel like he is making a mistake, but then it all comes together at the end: Trust Bob Ross

by Barrett Loades 3 years ago

I wrote to him in 1990. I told him that I was a fan of the show. he wrote back to me and very graciously thanked me. I still have the letter that he sent me in a scrapbook.

by Joshua Rayfield 2 years ago

see, there are always those few people (or bots) that dislike these videos. I don't think anyone human can not like Bob

by Blake 4 years ago

Bob: Now let's have a little fun.
Me: He's going to make a huge-ass tree isn't he.
Bob: Makes a huge-ass tree.
Me: Called it.

by CatastrophicKitten 2 years ago

This comment section is so positive, such a rare sight today on YouTube.

by Jordan Ruble 2 years ago

He didn't get a speck of paint on him, my hands get dirty when I write a thank you card :|

by Andre Colon 3 years ago

Shit gets Real when he Whips out Dat Liquid Hwite๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜†

by DR. BLUE 4 years ago

He gets almost done, the picture is looking almost perfect, and all of the sudden he starts dropping in all these huge trees in the foreground! I don't think I would have the courage to just start slapping paint over a large area when the thing was damn near finished! But he was fearless. He knew what would happen and that it would turn out awesome. What an artist.

by Rimbolt Jaxt 3 years ago

I watch bob every evening before I go to bed he calms me down and helps me sleep ik it's weird but it's true

by Davis Griffin 3 years ago

I don't believe in heaven but I still somehow hope Bob is there, with his squirrels, painting and drinking tea, and never gets tired of it.

by statikreg 3 years ago

I couldn't imagine Bob painting a portrait he'd be all like
"And here is a happy little eyelash, oh but he can't be alone let's give him some friends"

by Shane Libuna 2 years ago

Couple minutes in: What are you doing that looks terrible!
Couple seconds later: forgive me great master the painting is the definition of eye candy.

by Henley's Racing & Guitar 2 years ago

Boy, just imagine if the world was full of people like Bob...

by Rhonda Zambernardi 3 years ago

You can spend years trying to figure out how to paint mountains like that, and then Bob comes over and says:
'It just sort of happens'...

by K. Al 3 years ago

Just imagine bob ross if he was alive today and twitch streamed this instead.

by Brandon 3 years ago

Bob ross will steal your girl 10/10

by icecoldmilk 3 years ago

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