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Bradley Martyn photo 1 WHAT I EAT EVERYDAY.. Bradley Martyn photo 2 WHAT I EAT EVERYDAY.. Bradley Martyn photo 3 WHAT I EAT EVERYDAY.. Bradley Martyn photo 4 WHAT I EAT EVERYDAY..

Okay. So was reading the comments. Iโ€™ll do a full day of actually eating. Because apparently all u guys wanna watch me eat food lol. I got yโ€™all

by Bradley Martyn 5 months ago

Never trust a man thatโ€™s tucks his ears in his hat

by A B 5 months ago

Iโ€™d like to see Bradley actually eat lol you never see him eating this stuff or anything at all besides food challenges. I want to see a legit whole day in the life with Bradley Martyn lol no cuts and edits lol

by Tim Ruiz 5 months ago

Itโ€™s so cool of Brad to have these dudes at his crib and making them feel at home but I would get tired of having that many dudes at my house after like 48 hours. My nerves would be at an all time high. Especially having to babysit Steve at least 8-10 hours a day๐Ÿ’€

by FBI 5 months ago

I was hoping there was gonna be a bag of weed in the fridge ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Ryan Hanson 5 months ago

Brad: exposes Steve for not sending it

Steve: runs over to guzzle a Rona and energy drink

by Coyote Shaw 5 months ago

Well that was disappointing.. i thaught this was going to be a what I eat in a day and hin actually taking us through the day with him while shwoing AND eating his meals

by Elisa Loah 5 months ago

Brad is a genius, all those non-fitness content creators in that house, heโ€™s getting a lil bit of all their subs/followers across all platforms

Heโ€™s still small though

by Adam Belanger 5 months ago

What if the Brad being a drug dealer joke was a coverup for Brad actually being a drug dealer? ๐Ÿค”

by Austin Bouchard 5 months ago

Uncle bradley with low energy this video....he still waitin on that cocaine shipment from Mexico. Next video his energy gon b back I promise

by EL GRECO 5 months ago

Tell the guys in the background to shutup. I only made it half way through the video.

by Justin Teet 5 months ago

damn, Bradley has a fridge, he eats food and i watch him pretty decently and i didn't even know any of this. Thats how you know he is a grounded person, he doesnt show off any of this.

by Giles Anderson 5 months ago

TRUE STORY. So I went to Bradโ€™s gym the other day. I traveled 100 miles just to workout for the day and maybe meet Brad n get to the end of this drug dealing controversy. When I walked in I noticed Brad was there and working out. I began to warm up on the other side of the gym without bothering bread. But soon Brad noticed an unfamiliar face in his gym so he immediately returned his ears into his hat and came over to me. You can imagine my surprise when He came directly up to me and offered black tire heroine. Brad is falling down a deep dark hole I told him no and to seek help I hope this message reaches him.

by Ethan Novak 4 months ago

I feel like Brad is the father figure in the household

by Dylan Hale 5 months ago

the to-do list... where every bro cracked a smile ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Ask Dr. Swole 5 months ago

Looks like a sausage-fest in brads house. โ€œWhere are the females?โ€

by matt25 1 5 months ago

โ€œHowโ€™s keto?โ€

been on and off sick for a year

by Sam 5 months ago

Hard to believe Brad allows all of those leaches in his house aside from Mike

by DSev91 5 months ago

Mike acts nothing like his character and it makes me laugh more than Dom himself.

by Henry Case 5 months ago

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