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Catching up with my Sister - Childhood food

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Bretman Rock photo 1 Catching up with my Sister... Bretman Rock photo 2 Catching up with my Sister... Bretman Rock photo 3 Catching up with my Sister... Bretman Rock photo 4 Catching up with my Sister...

There's something different about princess, there's been change in her and I love it, she seems alot more confident, secure, and strong.

by Hi zee 1 month ago

I can’t stop thinking about how good that water looks 😫

by Maxine Gonzalez 3 weeks ago

I'm mad they didn't talk about how bretman knew she was pregnant because he had that dream😭..

by Niyah Fletcher 1 month ago

wait did bretman not notice that he didnt post a screenshot of his garden LOL

by reticent specimen 3 weeks ago

I feel like each time princess gives birth she’s those type to look more beautiful. Does that make any sense?

by MANGO YANG 4 weeks ago

You can tell he missed his sister he’s being nice to her lol

by Tannesha Dooley 1 month ago

“Here’s a picture of my garden” inserts picture of his tweet about Cleo

by It’s Pedrobro 1 week ago


by Ryn Rahim 3 days ago

Princess is younger than I am but already has 2 kids, in a loving relationship, financially secured, and has her shit together. Love her.

by Elle 3 weeks ago

" Wait till she finds out im bretman rock" hits different

by mehk S 4 days ago

I’m just focusing on the ice cold water, that water looks so good

by Adam Joll 2 weeks ago

“Wait till she finds out I’m Bretman ROCK” LMFAO

by Melanie Palacio 3 weeks ago

“how did i eat it” bretman: “carefully “😭

by Kalani Allen 4 weeks ago

It's such a sibling thing when u call your cousin just to back you up with something stupid your sibling did and clown them together for it

by cami maxwell 1 month ago

Not used to Bretman being so nice to his sister 2020 truly is a revolutionary year

by Brenda Espinoza 1 month ago

I love how Bretman exposes his sister about not showering as a kid to promote shampoo and conditioner🤣🤣 he made taking a shower sound so good with his promoting.

by ISmell LikePooh 1 week ago

“Here’s my garden” and the screen shot of the tweet about Cleo finding out he and princess and brother and sister pops up instead of the plants lmao 😂

by Dana Marie 3 days ago

id rather them have a reality show than the Kardashians and i mf love the Kardashians

by Khadeeja Fatima 1 month ago

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