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Song Association Game with James Charles

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The noises that come out of Bretman when he panics are not human.

by Rubi Ramirez 1 month ago

bretman: "JAMES STOPPP"
james: literally doing nothing

by Jenna Buguina 1 month ago

why is bretman literally tiktok as a person

by zoe bean! 1 month ago

My mom: whatcha watching? Me: 2 gay men holding a Koala and singing

by S h i l o h 1 month ago

Bretman was definitely the kid who sang louder in school plays so everyone heard him 💀

by Ava Jo シ 2 months ago

Literally nobody:
Bretman saying period after every song

by { pink } 2 weeks ago

James honestly has such a beautiful voice. I don’t understand why he gets so much hate!

by Danielle Schwartz 1 month ago

I like how James is so happy and is legit having fun in this vid.

by bangtan luv 1 month ago

Did anyone notice breatman said “money,money,money” but when princess said “wet,wet,wet” he said “you can’t just say wet wet, you have to sing more lyrics”.

by Haley Martinez 1 month ago

I love how Bretman calls James “Ms.Jamie” 😂😂😂

by Naya Kay 3 months ago

When bretman gets excited he makes this weird noises that sounds like spongebob laughing

by krixtie p 1 month ago

No one :
James : starts singing
Bretman : PeRiOd

by Delivery 22 1 month ago

James: How do you sleep when you lie to me?
Bretman: How?
That got me dead 💀😂

by Reanna V. 3 weeks ago

James voice is actually good. I can't understand why people hate his singing

by Sharoniejar Lara 1 month ago

I love how bretman is the same whoever he's with

Edit: periodt

by rainie bxtch 4 months ago

Ok but why does James sing scales like he's performing the National Anthem at the super bowl like sis calm down😂

by Anais Champignon 4 days ago

No one
James: draws a heart when he sings the word star

by Lauren Kelly 6 days ago

james face when bretman was doing the do re mi vocals:
bretman: i alr sound better like --

by Mina Nguyen 4 days ago

Bretman: I had a dream I got anything, wait THAT EVERYTHING
James: * says nothing *

by Lisanne H 1 month ago

Bretman’s tantrum when he didn’t hear it is a whole mood😂

by Adoptdontshop 3 months ago

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