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Abandoned - Blockbuster Video

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Ah yes, my whole childhood of spending hours upon hours looking for that one movie they never had. A huge part of our recent culture, and one of the most spectacular modern bankruptcies, Blockbuster was the best..
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yet Netflix still doesn't have that one movie you want to watch.

by SomePlaceForVideos 3 years ago

"That'll be $40 please"

"I'll be back for your whole company, just you wait"

by Jared Herman 9 months ago

I remember when Blockbuster started integrating DVDs into their VHS collections. Who also remembers those stickers on the counters that said "Be Kind, Rewind" LOL.

by Joshua Law 1 year ago

Bringing a movie in late was a class b felony at blockbuster.

by Ty Armand 1 year ago

I miss the feeling of walking into blockbuster and renting a movie or game

by julius chavez 3 years ago

I still have my blockbuster card ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ it expired in like 2005

by Mia Crawford 1 year ago

I think there's only ONE Blockbuster in existence now, the other two stores in Alaska closed about a week ago.

by Woxof 1 year ago

Blockbuster always had the movie I want to watch
Something Netflix still canโ€™t get right

by TackyFlamingo 8528 9 months ago

"A guy in the 90's got a $40 in late fees for not returning his movie on time. So he got back at the company by starting netflix"

Top 10 Anime Villain Origin Stories

by QuesoGr7 2 years ago

There's an empty blockbuster near where i live and I was telling my 7 year old sister the other day how fun it used to be go walk in there ๐Ÿ˜ข

by Creepy Closet 1 year ago

I can't beleive BB dissolved their online component, and decided to focus 100% on physical products! Foolish, foolish mistake!
My neighborhood Blockbuster is now a Tim Horton's lol.

by Leifendeth Official 1 year ago

One final location as of March 12th, 2019. THE Blockbuster store is in Bend, Oregon

by Paully Peanuts 1 year ago

The final Blockbuster remains in Bend, Oregan.

by Gage Jackson 1 year ago

I live within two hours of the last Blockbuster in the U.S. that still stands in Bend, Oregon.

by Robert Stirling 1 year ago

Just before Blockbuster started going out of buisness, they posted on Twitter about a competition

by Sonicrunn3r 1 year ago

That Blockbuster at might be the sketchiest one I've ever seen.

by MrMario2011 9 months ago

There's one left in Bend, Oregon, amazing how fast they grew from nothing, became massive and then imploded epically, literally in less than 30 years, it's a very American story I suppose.

by Raoul Duke 1 year ago

There is a California video near my house that you can still see outlines of the blockbuster sign.

Edit: Itโ€™s a coffee shop now. They cleaned the signโ€ฆ

by Joskayal 1 year ago

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