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BRO YOU WACK photo 1 Overwatch - OPENING 100 ANNIVERSARY... BRO YOU WACK photo 2 Overwatch - OPENING 100 ANNIVERSARY... BRO YOU WACK photo 3 Overwatch - OPENING 100 ANNIVERSARY... BRO YOU WACK photo 4 Overwatch - OPENING 100 ANNIVERSARY...

Looks like I won't be eating this month :)

by BRO YOU WACK 1 week ago

“i’m not even good at ana” you play mei, what ARE you good at 😭😭😭

by Jasjit Singh 1 week ago

This guy sounds like Carl from Jimmy neutron when he sounds depressed or happy

by Juan Madrigal 1 week ago

I don’t know if anybody cares about the question that he asked but I got The academy d va skin

by Mr. Just in time 6 days ago

I just noticed that Mei's anniversary skin name is Honeydew in the italian version the name is Waitress (Cameriera)

by Kate 1 week ago

The government- “don’t waste your money only buy the essentials
Bro you wack- hold my 100 anniversary loot boxes

by ツTacklessStone0 1 week ago

Wack: gets any item
Gets a Mei item: YEEEEEEES

by Will Scott 2 days ago

This guy has an emotional attachment to overwatch till the point he screams and cry like a baby

by ZorgOnThat YT 1 day ago

me after triping over when i was 3 years old

by Sophie Grundy 1 week ago

When the very first loot box I open is honeydew Mei, and I don't play Mei...

by Morgan Smith 1 week ago


me: bro stop with the bee puns

by TureMighty MOG 1 week ago

When you tell it hurts my ears 🖤pls stop telling :( it hurts my ears

by øhorror fanø 1 day ago

theres no point in screaming. it just sounds like acting at this point

by YuShii 3 days ago

Bro you wack first pack “it’s meant to bee”

by Cole Bodoff 1 week ago

I got little red ashe out of my free legendary lootbox

by Miles Smith 1 week ago

Every time u get a legendary I immediately turn my volume down

by Myst 1 week ago

Every legendary that he gets on a loot box:
Me every time: Ouch

by Arsenic l 2 days ago

I literally got Zarya’s summer games skin in one of my legendaries

by Buttlet The 3rd 1 day ago

Me: is trying to find a video i can watch while eating
Bro you wack: Uploads
Me: Finally a worthy video, MY MEAL WILL BE LEGENDARY

by Grandma’s Ashes taste good 1 week ago

I got the mercy skin out of my first legendary lootbox put i was so jelous when you got thosee 2 mei skins cuz ive been trying to get a mei skin out of a lootboxes for fforever

by Waylon 12507 1 week ago

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