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5 fights, 5 knockouts! Daniel Dubois 2019 highlights

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Daniel Dubois moved one step closer to becoming a world champion in 2019 with five knockouts from five fights. Cojanu, Lartey, Gorman, Tetteh and Fujimoto were all victims as DDD kicked off his collection of belts...
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BT Sport Boxing photo 1 5 fights, 5 knockouts! Daniel... BT Sport Boxing photo 2 5 fights, 5 knockouts! Daniel... BT Sport Boxing photo 3 5 fights, 5 knockouts! Daniel... BT Sport Boxing photo 4 5 fights, 5 knockouts! Daniel...

That was a crime to allow that secret Asian man to get in the ring w/ Dubois. He was too small.

by ak Alksdr 5 months ago

gets a hit a bit too much for my taste but is talented!!

by Shin C 4 months ago

That fujimoto matchmaking was criminal! No more of that please frankie

by Chris Noble 5 months ago

Hope Dubois fights Joyce next. Joyce very slow but hits like a horse and has great conditioning then we can start judging how good Dubois is

by Tom McDonagh 5 months ago

Dontay will catch Dubois with the right hand. He's too free with his hands.

by Qland22 1 month ago

Needs to improve his defense, in order to be great.

by Simon Bohan 2 months ago

Had to look this guy up after I read an article about him being the next Mike Tyson. It's not even close. Other than the black trunks, he's nothing like Tyson. He's got some pop in both hands though.

by Marcus.Murdock 1 month ago

Poor defence and will be exposed at higher level... feels like another Anthony Yarde hype job

by Reggie AFC 3 months ago

Have to admit his future is bright! He will keep improving for the next 10 years, heโ€™ll be hard to beat in his prime imo. Fundamentally sound and only 22 years old man. Incredible potential

by BoxingEnthusiast 5 months ago

Heโ€™s fought nobodies , and heโ€™s wide open, low blows in every fight

by Replying is futile 3 months ago

Quit comparing this dude to
Mike,even at 53
Mike is faster and more explosive,this dude slow

by D Pizzle 1 month ago

I'd love to see him fight Usuyk, or Whyte. Or even Ortiz.

by Mike C 5 months ago

Hopefully he stops going into those crazy exchanges when he starts facing top 10 heavyweights. Fun style to watch, but dangerous

by Dion White 5 months ago

Not a lot of tools in his toolbox and doesnโ€™t defend well after throwing a punch

by Adebisi 1 month ago

Who was the guy in the second fight. That guy was throwing hard

by Major Patton 5 months ago

at lease the guy with the gold beard tried

by Moe Moe 4 months ago

Dubois vs Ajagba this year please!

by morgan1985uk 5 months ago

I love his jab and he has a good chin and boxes well. So long as they dont rush him he will be top elite level in 2 years.

by Petyr Kowalski 5 months ago

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