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The "Outer Banks" Cast Answers Your Burning Questions

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Your favorite Pogues return as the cast of the hit Netflix series “Outer Banks” (Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Rudy Pankow, and Jonathan Daviss) all sit down to answer your burning questions, from how their lives have changed since the show’s debut, to what they think will happen in season two, all the way to which major roles they’ve auditioned for in the past but didn’t get…which leads to one cast member revealing that he very nearly spent some time in a galaxy far, far away.
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They really shot a scene with jj jumping out of a car window and they had the AUDACITY to not show it

by Mia Nnenna 2 weeks ago

jd when he had technical difficulties: 😄

by i'm quaking 2 weeks ago

i like the fact that the cast are actually friends and not just castmates

by rimsha 2 weeks ago

The hot tub seen with jj and kie was really sad

by Janet DHILLON 2 weeks ago

we all need a friend like rudy pankow

by 32 23 2 weeks ago

Rudy jumping through a car window is the most JJ thing ever

by clockwork-fayz 2 weeks ago

madelyn and chase acting like they are not in the same house lol

by Agus Flaquer 2 weeks ago

is no one gonna talk about how Chase suggested leaving Austin at the movie theatre ? LMAO

by Ashley 2 weeks ago

when they started talking about kie and jj, rudy was just like oh shit here we go

by Aneri Thaker 2 weeks ago

theyre like the hottest cast

by Lilly 2 weeks ago

whoelse is obsessed with OBX and wants a SEASON 2

by Zoey Macfie 2 weeks ago

Rudy really rooting for that slowburn endgame with jiara

by A L E X 2 weeks ago

That one person who unliked this video is Ward

by Ricketta moore 2 weeks ago

Why literally no one is shipping jiara from the cast except rudy.

by Noa Ban 2 weeks ago

madelyn and chase acting as if they AREN'T still quarantined together. we see you!

by that girl kelly 2 weeks ago

chase saying “who knows who Kie will meet in season two and season three”

by Dana Bell 2 weeks ago

madeline looks so good in this... and madison's hair is to die for

by Eesha Suri 2 weeks ago

Rudy is hilarious, JD is underrated, Maddie is gorgeous, Madelyn has fire clothes, Chase is hot. Rudy is still the hottest tho
ummmm ok thanks for blowing that up

by Catherine Chen 2 weeks ago

I think Rudy is right, kie an jj will end up together eventually.. because there’s definitely something there, the way he looks at her, the way he looks when she talks about John b, or when John b was rude to her a few times you can totally tell jj loves her. I re-watched the show 3 times so I didn’t miss a thing and there was for sure something that happened between them and there’s still feelings there so I’m really excited to see what happens in season 2! Can’t wait!

by Lil Canadying 2 weeks ago

doctor: “you have 12 minutes and 5 seconds left to live”


by kylie reeder 2 weeks ago

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