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Wine Lovers Get Pranked With Fake Wine

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This is a great starter wine for kids!.
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There's the girl with the glasses & blue hair who reminds me of Sadness from Inside Out again ๐Ÿ˜‚

by berrymerrymakeup 3 years ago

you should do a video on "drunk" people and put non-alcoholic drinks there and see what they act like

by Jasmine Taco 3 years ago

buzzfeed stop trolling because you forgot one person Hannah your friendly neighborhood wine mom.

by TheAdidasKnifer 3 years ago

Come on, this video is nothing to wine about.

by George M 3 years ago

yo wine mom where you at?

by Esme Veda 3 years ago

the 2 women with the blue and black t-shirt are so overreacting lol

by Anym 3 years ago

Do one where they drink a lot of fake wine and see if they act drunk

by Will Hoskins 3 years ago

That girl with the black hair is pure cringe

by mojomomo 3 years ago

Isn't alcohol-free wine just grape juice? Like for real.

by Rebecca Rich 3 years ago

Where's Kelsey and Hannah?!?!

by Rea Boo 3 years ago

So basically....grape juice

by Juliana P 3 years ago

Looks like Sadness finally managed to get outta that headspace and get a job for herself.

by losang yolmo 3 years ago

that one girls reminds me so much of Gisele Bundchen

by Lisa Zhang 3 years ago

buzzfeed is really going downhill

by Sopy A 3 years ago

Um where is Kelsey? How could they do a wine video without her

by Jen Marie 3 years ago

Pretentious old hipsters.

by bluelime 3 years ago

This just shows how much their reactions are faked an exaggerated.

by Mr. ElectriDictator 3 years ago

They couldn't have Kelsey on, because she'd just start hissing when she got near the wine.

by eddebrock 3 years ago

How is kelsey not part of this video?

by ShionKun 3 years ago

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