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||~🦁Roar🦁~|| ||GLMV|| ||Katy Perry||

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This is not my music! 🦁🦁🦁

• C H A R L I E • photo 1 ||~🦁Roar🦁~|| ||GLMV|| ||Katy Perry|| • C H A R L I E • photo 2 ||~🦁Roar🦁~|| ||GLMV|| ||Katy Perry|| • C H A R L I E • photo 3 ||~🦁Roar🦁~|| ||GLMV|| ||Katy Perry|| • C H A R L I E • photo 4 ||~🦁Roar🦁~|| ||GLMV|| ||Katy Perry||

The guys like whatThe girls like what is that and then was like oh I don’t care I’m just gonna buy her

by Ryan Rodregue 3 days ago

I like this :> it reminds me when I was little when I was getting bullied but always remember to stay strong and proud of yourself!🤞🏻🥺

by Someone UwUz 5 days ago

Literally nobody:
Me: lion (I said it like lee-oon)

by Nick Perkins 4 days ago

I been bullied everyday since I was in kindergarten cus I'm weak when I talk I just want to cry😞😭😩

by Crystal ice 4 days ago

Y’all I’m crying from all of these nice comments! 😭😢😇😂💕

by • C H A R L I E • 5 days ago

If there's fire I don't think that's safe 😂

Btw: I'm only joking I don't mean thsi

by xxbddxx 4 days ago

So the fake one is actually male now instead of female for once

by Hannah Uhlinger 4 days ago

Mean Girl: *Helps prince to bullie the queen. *
they find out she is the queen
Mean Girl: * Realyses that the queen has more power, emidiatly chances, and without even saying sorry for being a bullie for god knows how long starts flirting with the queen. And for so far i know becomes her gf.*


by Hai Wasup 2 days ago

So the boy is hybrid tiger

But the girl is mega hybrid or a sht

by Twilight Føx 4 days ago

This is probably the last glmv that will be on my recommend

by xGacha _ Chloex 4 days ago

THIS PROVES MY POINT WOLF ARE JUsT SOMe STOOPiD ANIMALS well not really bc all animals are special:D but still tigers are better :3

by Kawaii Vivian 1 day ago

Him: Get lost you stupid lion.
fact being lions are better than tigers ;-;

by LeaseChicago Now 3 days ago

Is it weird that one of my best friends was also my bully?

by LeafyMoon 4 days ago

I’s it just me Orr when she was closing her eye my 👁 wanted to close as well

by Hattie Llavina 4 days ago

I love how this song is famous in gacha life 2020

by *Subsub* *Boba* 4 days ago

Me: walking

Me:sees her dancing in the fire

TotaLy MeH: thats totally normal....

by Bernard Serapion 1 day ago

I kept listening to this glmv- I won't stop
It is like I am the one roaring--
can I get a pin? TT^TT

by IamJhembutIamscaredbecause- 4 days ago

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