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Cam Newton New England Patriots Rebuild | MVP Cam Is BACK | Madden 20 Franchise Mode

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Cam Newton on the New England Patriots Madden 20 Franchise realistic rebuild. Enjoy!
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C4 is the originator of the Realistic Rebuild on YouTube and we've been making Madden 20 Rebuilds, Madden 20 Realistic Rebuilds and Madden 20 Franchise Mode videos all year long with realism a key. With a few Madden Experiments sprinkled in, I hope if you enjoyed you'll leave a LIKE and Subscribe to my channel.
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C4 photo 1 Cam Newton New England Patriots... C4 photo 2 Cam Newton New England Patriots... C4 photo 3 Cam Newton New England Patriots... C4 photo 4 Cam Newton New England Patriots...

Terry Rozier is no longer in Boston, he is in Charlotte.

by Cody Dutton 4 days ago

Please show the drafts. That’s the only thing I don’t like about your rebuilds :)

by hunting geckos 4 days ago

How many times has somebody missed the playoffs and won MVP

by Noah Rolen 4 days ago

Terry rozier plays for the hornets now btw

by Isaiah 4 days ago

This is what I needed, keep up the good content C4!

by Josh Roman 4 days ago

to see the worship ritual bill sacrifices his soul to the football gods to keep winning all these damn games.

by Mac Wake 4 days ago

There’s a setting at the very bottom of the settings that says “auto fill roster.” Turn it off

by RoluArch 4 days ago

set roster limit to 0 so they dont sign players you dont want or need

by stepsis- 4 days ago

77 OVR after back-back MVPs. The Game still sells like hot cakes smfh

by samfisher170 1 day ago

U could’ve brought mccourty back he wanted a 1 yr contract

by qhamarii0 4 days ago

Why doesn’t Seattle get any love on this channel 😭

by Justin Carney 1 day ago

Put your RB as a 3rd down back and power back that will give him more carries/yards

by David McNeil 4 days ago

I was waiting for this bc remember cam always won mvp?

by Carter Coltes 4 days ago

How did Cam manage not to regress?! If that was me he'd be mid 60's

by Jordan B 4 days ago

The same thing happened with me with Clowney in my Patriots franchise. Also on PC using Start Today mod, Sabo's franchise logic, etc. Made sure CPU signings were off as I always have them and every week I released Clowney, it'd keep making me sign him over and over.

Gave me Jacoby Brissett a year or two in as well and took a bunch of depth signings away from me and I couldn't bring them back because they retired a week after the CPU cut them. Madden is unplayable without mods but it's damn close to unplayable with them too

by Vasu Sharma 4 days ago

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