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Listening to TEENAGE DREAM For The First Time in 2020 ✰ Katy Perry Reaction

caitlin marie reacts photo 1 Listening to TEENAGE DREAM For... caitlin marie reacts photo 2 Listening to TEENAGE DREAM For... caitlin marie reacts photo 3 Listening to TEENAGE DREAM For... caitlin marie reacts photo 4 Listening to TEENAGE DREAM For...

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by caitlin marie reacts 4 days ago

I heard somewhere that Katy wrote Pearl for Rihanna when she had the trouble with Chris Brown, the lyrics are beautiful ♥

by Luis Andres Lorenzo 4 days ago

This album is the definition of iconic !!!
6 n.o 1 singles
1 single n.o 2
1 single n.o 3
Total of 8 singles like GURL !!!

by Sahil Tiwari 4 days ago

- Teenage Dream
- Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
- California Gurls
- Firework
- Peacock
- Circle The Drain
- The One That Got Away
- E.T.
- Who Am I Living For?
- Pearl
- Hummingbird Heartbeat
- Not Like The Movies
- The One That Got Away (Acoustic)
- Part of Me
- Wide Awake
- Dressin' Up
Skipped ☠️ - E.T. (feat. Kanye West)
- Last Friday Night (Remix)
- Tommie Sunshine's Megasix Smash-Up

by Rickson • 63 years ago 4 days ago

Katy Perry is just the QUEEN of the Summer songs!

by V ee 4 days ago

I think you should watch her documentary “Part Of Me” please do it hahah

by Guilherme H 4 days ago

She said like 3 days ago she’s touring worldwide next year

by Joshua Ramirez 4 days ago

She said she’s gonna tour again in 2021, despite being pregnant, so you should def check her out if you have the chance 💓

by Emilio Reyes 4 days ago

She just said recently that she doesn’t want to have to choose between doing what she loves and being a mom and she also confirmed that she will be touring in 2021 but her shows will probably start earlier.

by Lily Keenan 2 days ago

She’s definitely gonna tour again obviously, motherhood doesn’t take away her freedom. 🌈

by Bhavya Reviews 3 days ago

She’s going on Tour next year!!! She confirmd it in a interview!! Cant wait to see her 😍😍

by Sam Willemsen 4 days ago

Do her Katy Perry: Part Of Me documentary. You will see how hard she's been through before spotlight

by Carlo Lavigne 2 days ago

fun fact: Pearl is for her bestfriend in the industry, Rihanna. It's about Rihanna's abusive relationship to Chris Brown.

by SAINT JEGO 1 day ago

Yesssss, she performed "Who Am I Living For" live, in her tourrrrr, you should watch it 😍😍😍

by Michael Ryan Baguyo 4 days ago

Just that you now, she‘s gonna tour next year. She even said she‘s gonna be a working mom, so she’s not gonna stop. 😁
Amazing Video by the way 😊
Already excited for the Prism Reaction 😁😁

by TheRobiLive 4 days ago

Honey, she said that she will be on tour again in 2021

by Abdul Rosyid A23 4 days ago

You should definitely react to "Katy Perry: Part Of Me, The Movie"

by LoRaineBow 4 days ago

Summer isn’t the same without a good popsicle tube! Definitely appreciate some good throwback Katy Perry vibes here! Good times 🙌💯😎👍

by Thanh Mai 4 days ago

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