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Calboy - Rounds (Official Video) ft. Fivio Foreign

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Calboy - "Rounds" ft. Fivio Foreign out now!: https://smarturl.it/xRounds
I use to trap in the spot
We flipping babies got crack like the 80s
I Put my whole wrist in a pot.
Damn, I took a risk with the pot
I told that lady she having my baby I spent a whole brick on a watch .
30 on me I might pick me some roses she loving me not.
I told that Nigga I roll with some killers don’t push it just know when to stop.
And we hunt em down and we send rounds rounds we making it hot.
I got some aim with this dracko I blow it it’s Loud loud he dead when he drop
Big drip, Fivey.
I’m trying to catch me a body.
I know some niggas do killings and robbery.
My shorty a bug he geeking of molly.
We turning up throw Dubb’s in follies.
For nem be chopping that bread like karate.
I’m been a goat lil bitch ain’t no probably.
Heard he want smoke lil nigga no problem
My Nigga’s ready for war
I made some millions but I need some more.
remember We slept on the floor.
he get to tweaking we kick in the door.
Brand new mop I’m a make it do chores
Stop all that talking you making me bored.
I keep that hammer on me like I’m Thor
Catch him outside he get blew off the porch.
HOOK x1.
Big Drip Fivey.
I’m probably fucking on a thottie.
Cayo Kato all the mami’s
She be calling me zaddy.
See a oppy on his body.
Take a purple like a zombie
They say they looking to line me.
But they know exactly where to find me.
They never come try me
They call me drunk poppy
I can move dumb rocky.
And you can’t stop me
We make the situation oppy.
I got the money it’s making me cocky
They see the moves and copy.
If you want to win you got to watch me Fivey.
HOOK x1.
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“i’m the one that they envy like Calboy” - Pop Smoke

by Aaron Saenz 4 days ago

Calboy and Fivio Foreign dun murked this one right here, BANGER! They aint like all them goofies and opps who just be usin AuthenticPlays com to get they views up to go viral.. naaa they real talented artist!

by Lexi Candy 1 day ago

Calboy go in HAM on this, BANGER! He aint like all them goofies and trappers who just be usin Authenticviews Com to get they views up... SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..

by Kitty Lillian 2 days ago

Calboy go mad hard. Mans are sleeping on him fr Fr ‼️‼️

by Adrian Forrest 5 days ago

this beat brings me pop smoke vibes rip the goat

by kanoosh 5 days ago

Fivio forgien is starting to be on alot of songs

by yahir 5 days ago

“brand new mop..” whole time been sweeping 😂😂😂😂.

by iiam desss 1 day ago

Tjay in the vid.. should've got him on the song too 😂

by Arun Sankar 5 days ago

Only reason this don’t have millions is cus he didn’t sell his soul

by Los Angeles CA 3 days ago

Calboy goes soo hard on this, he is real talent going viral without using AUTHENTIC VIEWS COM to get more views. Thumbs up who agrees

by Mark steven 4 days ago

“We see a opp we on his body, take a perc move like a zombie”

by Nlmb Maally 5 days ago

Which verse was better?

Like: Calboy

Like: Fivio

by Malachi Riley 4 days ago

When calboy said mop but they had a broom 😔

by jam prod 5 days ago

Imagine if OVO sacrificed Drake (at the top of his game) in order to promote everyone else under him, woo 🤧

by Ares 1 day ago

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