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When you're trying NOT to look dumb in front of your smart friend.

Bro just admit defeat 😔 (Those words where for sure made up though, don't look it up😂)
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CalebCity photo 1 When you're trying NOT to... CalebCity photo 2 When you're trying NOT to... CalebCity photo 3 When you're trying NOT to... CalebCity photo 4 When you're trying NOT to...

This man made his whole career by just talking to himself.

by ritk r 2 days ago

I looked up Cal Kestic Studies to see the demonstrations and it's actually a Star Wars character. I feel so stoopid 🤦🏾‍♂️

by Consepséon Mitchell 2 days ago

Everyone gangsta till the nerd in your class goes invisible for a few minutes.

by Thanos 2 days ago

“I wasn’t even in Advanced Placement. That’s normal” 😂

by Chris H 2 days ago

This man learned how to go invisible without doing a backflip

by unihopper dash1 3 days ago

Me: Misses school for 1 day cuz im sick

School on that day: Learning calcastic studies and The max equilibrium to warp into the 4d dimension by changing your direction using a measuring protractor

by Pro Gamer 2 days ago

he was doing well until he tried to call out his friend

Edit: I make skits too 😂

by Ckittle 2 days ago

So no one's gonna mention how the google search mentions kids learning this stuff in Elementary and Highschool?

by ninjaloft367 2 days ago

Me: misses a day
School: teaches how to mix ingeanus, spenisus, Ghpussyialus, Shfucklestizm, to create a potion to melt through the -12th Quantum stratospherical multi-contained deminsion.

by Fire Brine 1 day ago

“When I’m showing this to my friends.”
Me: Laughs In smartness.

by Lyxles 2 days ago

If you kill everyone who's smarter than you You become the smartest person


by Freak Prince 1 day ago

Me gets sick and misses a day of school:

What we learned that day:

by Hashim Ali 3 days ago

you miss one day of school...
school: Today we are going to learn how to rap with drake

by Pappi_onYOUTUBE 2 days ago

Super human interviewer: what’s ur power?

Him: if i turn at a 45 degree angle I can turn invisible theoretically.

by Ckittle 2 days ago

“I wasn’t even in advanced placement, This normal” 😂

by Jaaay 101 2 days ago

Dump Caleb: you were gone
Smart Caleb: theoretically

by idan baruch katz 2 days ago


bro u just traveled to another plane of existence

by ultravioletjack 3 days ago

1) "Faultian push field energy is energy that derives from..."
2] "In elementary school, children often learn about Faultian...

by Ronnoc527 1 day ago

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