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Emotional Surprise Proposal For Rydel *You Will Cry*

Capron Funk photo 1 Emotional Surprise Proposal For Rydel... Capron Funk photo 2 Emotional Surprise Proposal For Rydel... Capron Funk photo 3 Emotional Surprise Proposal For Rydel... Capron Funk photo 4 Emotional Surprise Proposal For Rydel...

I LOVE HOW RIKER SAID “HELL YES” and rydels response was “HELL YEAH!”

by Ally G 4 months ago

Capron: asks to marry rydel

Me: smiles for legit 5 minutes
Edit: thanks for this many like guys!

by Vlad Pryt 4 months ago

The “I just met my wife” part is the cutest thing in the world ❤️🥺

by Rachel Dawe 3 months ago

Me: huh I never cry at these
He gets down in one knee:
Me:don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry

by OgsyZA # 1 month ago

he called Ross to get everybody’s approval aww

by Sara Palacios 4 months ago

Rocky saying "I love you I love you I love you" is my favorite part so far

by JoMari Lynch 4 months ago

I literally just realized she is Ross Lynch's sister lol

by Zephyrus16 2 months ago

I'm crying Ross giggled 😭😭 this is beautiful I'm so glad I clicked on it

by Kiwi Baby 3 months ago

Everyone: YAYYYYYY
Everyone 2 seconds later: glance at Corey

by myyth. 4 months ago

I literally started to cry when you asked her parents and brothers for permission!

by Dee Dee Smith 4 months ago

"Capron did you get on the plate are you out?"

Me thinking about how he's engaged to Rydel "He definitely hit a homerun!"

Soo happy for my girl💓💓💓💓

by _yagirltasia_ 16 4 months ago

Imagine meeting a guy who goes home to tell everyone he knows he just met his wife

by Ceyda Moco 1 month ago

No she didn’t say yes... SHE SAID HELL YES

by Naomi Lawson 3 weeks ago

I get deployed come back and he’s not with Natalie wooow i missed a lotttt

by Destined Riders 4 months ago

Capron: I hit her in the head with a football.
Riker: That's why I got ask now before she doesn't remember me.
Lmao I died laughing.

by Shayla Miller 4 months ago

I love her he’s opening the ring she’s just in the background flipping someone off

by 1 subscriber Before 2025 3 months ago

Me: Click bait I won't start crying

me who also has been watching for four years and actually starts crying

by Imx Flmsy 4 months ago

Riker knew what Capron was going to ask when he said "permission" you can tell from his facial expression

by SaucySiracha 1 month ago

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