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i found the MEGALODON in the CITY of GTA 5.. (GTA 5 Mods)

Caylus photo 1 i found the MEGALODON in... Caylus photo 2 i found the MEGALODON in... Caylus photo 3 i found the MEGALODON in... Caylus photo 4 i found the MEGALODON in...

Who wants more GTA 5 videos?!
Like this comment.. just cuz :)

by Caylus 1 week ago

Kiera: that is "Megatron"

Me: uhhhhhh..... That is Megalodon not Megatron🤭

by Jayden Alvaro 1 week ago

Guys go check out his reaction Chanel!

by JIMI RANDELL 1 week ago

OMG I jumped when you saw it after u lost it 😢

by Avarie Twyman 1 week ago

Kiera said “The Megatron” 🤣🤣

by Law Faljean 1 week ago

The part it said free car wash: I WAS LAUGHING TO DEATH

by Elaina Van Beek 1 week ago

I remember when I was in my brothers room and seeing him playing this

by John Dymond 6 days ago

The weather is terrible WHAT IS YOUR HAIR

by logan rouns 2 days ago

I liked we’re he added “free car wash “

by Jacob Addis 1 week ago

I predicted it and it came true after installing the mod! What a coincidence!

by neb519 1 week ago

Uncle back under infinite when I play I always wait and then I see it I am a girl and my name is onica barajas I am best friend of you

by onica barajas 1 week ago

I like how Kiera just thinks it’s called the Megatron😹🙃🤪😭

by Lily Things 1 week ago

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