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Mississippi governor signs bill removing state flag with Confederate emblem

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Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves on Tuesday signed a bill that will remove the state flag that featured the Confederate battle emblem. A new design will be chosen later. The bill's passage comes after weeks of renewed backlash toward the flag, which many have decried as a symbol of racism and white supremacy.

CBS News photo 1 Mississippi governor signs bill removing... CBS News photo 2 Mississippi governor signs bill removing... CBS News photo 3 Mississippi governor signs bill removing... CBS News photo 4 Mississippi governor signs bill removing...

Donโ€™t forget Mississippi: this is coming from a republican governor. Times are changing. Itโ€™s not about the party, itโ€™s about what they can do.

by Erick G 3 hours ago

i am a VETERAN of THESE united states. it is wrong to glorify those who were against this/our country.

by robert snyder 3 hours ago

Who wrote his speech? Where has his love been years ago.

by Uncle60 3 hours ago

The confederacy is still taking L's I see.

by Henry 2 hours ago

Why does he look like a younger fatter looking Bill Gates.

by Tall Boy 2 hours ago

The Confederacy was a LOST cause 160 years ago...WHO'S STUPID ENOUGH, TO KEEP TRYING TO KEEP IT RELEVANT ?

by Mr. painful Truth 4 hours ago

He looks like bill gates.

by kai abe 3 hours ago

they should put the magnolia flower on the new design of the mississippi flag because its one of the prettiest state flower in the us

by Big Steve 1 hour ago

Make no mistake, only racists are upset by this. They probably think Lee was a good guy too.

by Papa Shep 2 hours ago

The entire time he was talking I bet he was thinking Iโ€™m so not getting re-elected again

by DJ SUMMERS 40 minutes ago

Confederacy: 0
USA: 2

Quit while youโ€™re behind ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Memento Mori 45 minutes ago

Of course those stronger forces will come after you again. It's a little something called SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Heard of it?

by jlg395 32 minutes ago

It still wonโ€™t remove the hate in your heart๐Ÿ˜‚

by Byron Rainer 4 hours ago

God actually never said anything- invisible people donโ€™t

by slim jim 1 hour ago

I find it funny , when slavery is brought up they say โ€œOh , that was years ago , let it go โ€œ . BUT those VERY SAME people are holding on to a flag with disgusting history , and wonโ€™t let that go .

by Raheem Smith 2 hours ago

Is this about change or keeping those college dollars flowing in the state.

by Citizen Kane 3 hours ago

I salute the Governor of Mississippi,for having the strenght and back bone to stand for the PEOPLE and for all The People of his that there is a true man.

by EL ROCKERS ALLSTARS 24 minutes ago

Funny how CBS failed to say Mississippi Republican Governor.

by Dularr 2 hours ago

The confederates lost, its a betrayal symbol. But the evil ones still exist within thier white hoods

by Mario Saint 1 hour ago

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