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Chief Justice John Roberts sides with liberal justices in Louisiana abortion case

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Chief Justice John Roberts sided with liberal justices as the swing vote in a landmark case over abortion, disappointing conservatives. Jan Crawford reports.

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CBS This Morning photo 1 Chief Justice John Roberts sides... CBS This Morning photo 2 Chief Justice John Roberts sides... CBS This Morning photo 3 Chief Justice John Roberts sides... CBS This Morning photo 4 Chief Justice John Roberts sides...

John Roberts should of just remained anonymous.... ;)

by A God 4 days ago

Roberts, Did not judged this on abortion, he judged it on the LAW of the U.S.A.

by skoshunt 3 days ago

Roberts is a wolf in sheep's clothing Democrat

by Shirley Rautio 2 days ago

Miracle whip!Mueller brainstorm for Nations future now.

by rich ernest 1 day ago

His days r number bcz that's one of the reasons GOD put President Trump in the w.h. ! Roberts is one of
The child traffickers an he also went down to Jeffery Epstines Island !

by Karen Dilday 4 days ago

Look Boss....De Plague De Plague 💃💃💃

by Steve Weingart 4 days ago

With Maxwell arrested he needs all his Epstein friends to have his back.

by Sah Di 3 hours ago

lmao he was never a conservative......... he was a sleeper for the democrats.

by Timberwolf 4 days ago

Cue the TROLLS......

by D. Price 4 days ago

When Bush backed Roberts he presented himself as a conservative. Obviously by the way he's been voting the democrats have something on him or he's been bought or both.

by Guitars rcool 3 days ago

Most Americans feel the Supreme court and the lower courts no longer weigh cases on the merit.

by Dedrick Lucious 4 days ago

Technically speaking, these judges should be impartial and objective, yet we all keep labeling them and expect them to stick to a pattern of behavior. Frankly he’s simply exercising his role’s intended function, to me this lives up to ‘Justice for all’.

by psulion31 4 days ago

Isn’t he supposed to play “political games” being someone who works in politics, and all?

by Jasper Kiefer 4 days ago

What the bleep does the deep state have on you, Roberts? Hopefully it will soon be revealed since we have the right to know. :)

by Lyle K 4 days ago

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