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Reddit bans pro-Trump community "The Donald" in hate speech crackdown

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Reddit banned "The_Donald," a pro-Trump forum with over 790,000 users during a hate speech crackdown in which it took down several groups that it says violated the site's rules of conduct. The site says the group violated its policies by allowing people to target and harass others.

#pro trump #rules of conduct #politicies #harassment #the_donald #bans #the donald #trump #targeting #hate speech

CBS This Morning photo 1 Reddit bans pro-Trump community CBS This Morning photo 2 Reddit bans pro-Trump community CBS This Morning photo 3 Reddit bans pro-Trump community CBS This Morning photo 4 Reddit bans pro-Trump community

That’s what they’re banning on reddit? There’s so much worse on there lol

by I'm James 4 days ago

It’s a new day when corporate America leads the way to moral integrity....

by hazel green 4 days ago

Yeah it looks like my generation crowd used to play dungeons & dragons when they were Young, today they can't live in the real world

by Dr.D Fargo 4 days ago

It’s in their company policy. Like y’all say, “follow the rules and you can be here” oh, the hypocrisy.

by Realest Reviews 4 days ago

OMG ..Her BLUE GLASSES ? ..That's the REAL story here LMAO

by Russ 4 days ago

This year has me loving Mattis and reddit, everything is truly upside down

by Zoe CC 4 days ago

Now if advertisers would just start pulling their ads on Fox ...

by D. K. 3 days ago

Beige Hair today, 🤯 Look Out he's gonna spit some slippery 🍌

by Diamond Lil 4 days ago

Gayle thinks she looks good with those glasses. :'D

by no man's land 4 days ago

You all are making us more and more angry... we are fed up!! This woman and her glasses just looks like a big joke.. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for the chaos you spread.

by Heather Long 4 days ago

What a joke! Funny how it doesn't fit their narrative it's got to be hate speech

by Henry Matthews 4 days ago

How insane

by Ma 4 days ago

CBS: Celebrating the "Thought Police". No dissension allowed. Think of how shallow, short sighted and stupid people have to be to cheer the death of free speech. Any vote for any DemonRat anywhere is a vote to destroy America.

by gwestfall 4 days ago

Here we go with the water works !!! Fake outrage !!! We're do I go for my fake news now!!! Just a FYI it was a meme site not a pro tRump site

by Roy Rodgers 4 days ago

I expect nothing less from emotionally brittle, and weak beta males.

by Rod Steel 4 days ago

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