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White House to brief Democrats as both sides press for answers on alleged Russian bounties

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The White House will brief Democrats Tuesday on allegations that Russia paid bounties to kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle press for answers on whether the president himself was told about the plots. The CIA director is slamming intelligence leaks, but not denying the reports. Ben Tracy reports.
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CBS This Morning photo 1 White House to brief Democrats... CBS This Morning photo 2 White House to brief Democrats... CBS This Morning photo 3 White House to brief Democrats... CBS This Morning photo 4 White House to brief Democrats...

"Alright guys, let's get our stories straight..."

by Hulk Butter 4 days ago

its was stuffs mistake, they should have sent a tweet to the that grown up racist child

by T Chowdhury 4 days ago

Both parties should have been briefed at same time all getting same message at same time

by Pat Braden 4 days ago

He'll just ask Putin if he's been stealing cookies out of the cookie jar and Putin will say no Daddy.

by pfrydog 4 days ago

โ€œI didnโ€™t know! I was busy on my phone tweeting insults, jokes, lies, and also firing more than 100 staff members,โ€ said the leader of the free world.

by song yardbird 4 days ago

When he's retweeting Geraldo Rivera's theories about this, you know this intel is the truth.

by scotty B 4 days ago

Instead of keeping count on his lies reporters should keep count on him being truthful. Much easier task:joy::innocent: Maybe count to 10

by Lafo Mamone 4 days ago

The first rule of leadership: Everything is your fault.

Doesn't ever seem to apply to Trump's administration

by Gh0stRickle_Ftw ! 4 days ago

Trump: if I didnโ€™t read it, then it doesnโ€™t exist.

by Mark Lee 4 days ago

They should have carved it on his cheeseburger.

by H. Phillip 4 days ago

Anyone want to take a bet he will blame Obama?

by General Rico 4 days ago


by tim kat 4 days ago

Donald wouldnโ€™t lie, would he? LMFAO OH YEA COMRADE

by Joe Basom 4 days ago

So... he's not a traitor per se, he's just totally incompetent. Ya, that's so much better.

by Ken Otwell 4 days ago

They should have made the briefing into a pop-up book or have it read to him by a Fox and Friends host.

by Rebuilt Gearbox 4 days ago

Because it would be so much easier to get to the truth if this had never come out.. GTFOH!

by Paul Horn 4 days ago

Now he's getting away with this too!! I'm not surprised! Why people keep covering up for this disgrace is beyond me!! Think about it people!! He knows our Sons and daughters have bountys on their heads and is doing NOTHING!! We now know he knows and he is still doing nothing!!!

by MammaBear 4 days ago

The whole shtick about him supporting the troops is just that.. a shtick.

by Crystalline bb 4 days ago

So everybody is a dime short and several days late...Wow!

by Donald Lemmons 4 days ago

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