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New Couple Alert! Megan Thee Stallion Dating A White Man And You Can't Believe Who Is!

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Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, known professionally as Megan Thee Stallion, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Born in Bexar County, Texas and raised in South Park, Houston, Megan Thee Stallion began writing and performing raps as a teenager.
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CeBe News photo 1 New Couple Alert! Megan Thee... CeBe News photo 2 New Couple Alert! Megan Thee... CeBe News photo 3 New Couple Alert! Megan Thee... CeBe News photo 4 New Couple Alert! Megan Thee...

weird how every time a black woman gets with a white man the news comes up with titles like this.

by davey Crockett 3 days ago

She said the bet awards lmao it’s the BET awards imagine

by Young Dripo 2 days ago

EJ is her stylist not her best friend Kelsey is her best friend

by Quinterris King 2 days ago

🤔🌵🔥💨 well damn who the hell is he smh

by Venus Mitchell 2 days ago

Did I miss something 🤔 y’all don’t know who she’s dating but y’all know it’s a white man

by Grow With E. 11 hours ago

Probably what she had to do tobe able to do her music again and get away from c. Crawford and j prince the gonna good old gal her ass.

by Dorian Roy 4 days ago

What’s wrong with her dating a white man?

by Kanai B. 4 days ago

Dont believe it she got someone and no one knows its her business

by Kalvin Shepherd 1 day ago

She look like she was intoxicated like she might have been drunk I can't take that too seriously right now they made a plan so if you just don't know I think we had need a little bit more confirming Nation from her in a different way

by Michelle Burney 4 days ago

Good for you Megan...well deserved!
With your new relationship...👀

by tina cates 1 day ago

Shouldn't have talked trashy and drunk another sis getting tosses up.

by Dorian Roy 4 days ago

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