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reacting to chloe x halle, megan thee stallion, & summer walker performing @ BET Awards 20!

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i hope you enjoy my reaction and review of megan thee stallion, summer walker, and chloe x halle perfoming at the 2020 bet awards!
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Cedric Johnson photo 1 reacting to chloe x halle,... Cedric Johnson photo 2 reacting to chloe x halle,... Cedric Johnson photo 3 reacting to chloe x halle,... Cedric Johnson photo 4 reacting to chloe x halle,...

I love that tenisha, that tennis court, is doing miracles out here

by Jade 4 days ago

Chloe and Halle decided to simultaneously save 2020 and solidify their spot at the top. Every performance gets better. How?

by April Rivas 5 days ago

Summer’s tiny desk concert is jist like her performance

by Ms Skin 3 days ago

Chloe and Halle said our mics are ON!!

by Adia 4 days ago

"You make your friends walk?" lmaooo

by KB Lola 5 days ago

"My knees...they ain't from houston"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

by Kween K 4 days ago

They were giving us Lose My Breath vibes from DC😍😍, but the outfits were all TLC. They snapped👏🏾

by Stherline Saint-Sume 3 days ago

Megan's been dancing. Go look back at her 'Like A Stallion' video (when she was just Thee Stallion). She's doing choreographed dancing in the whole video. (Someone said she used to do some choreography, but I can't confirm that.)

by Mrs. Arthur Morgan 5 days ago

I know you didn't bust that little note before Do It lol that sounded good

by Faith Love Hope 14 hours ago

Your voice is fire 🔥 I like how you humbly slid that run in as you complimented the performance!!!

by BaddLilMocca 5 days ago

You had NO reaction to the high kick into a split for meg!? That’s what I came here for 🤦🏽‍♂️😭

by JR 3 days ago

Usher did that run! Yass ❤️

by Trio Duece 5 days ago

i heard themknees pop sounds like mine but, you still tried with the drop boo. we love to see it. lol

by Simone Sanaa 2 days ago

I am still waiting for Cnco. When are you gonna react to them

by Cláudia Semedo 4 days ago

Once again... the CONTENT that I subscribed for!!! 👑✨✨👑

by Denym Khol 5 days ago

Summer loves her space 💕 And you could tell.

by issaweera 2 days ago

I love you soo much youre my bestie in my head i swear

by J Acevedo 5 days ago

You actually look a lot like Chloe Bailey lol

by Angel Rivera 3 days ago


by Jay Tern 5 days ago

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