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Justin Gaethje can beat Khabib Nurmagomedov...

Chael Sonnen photo 1 Justin Gaethje can beat Khabib... Chael Sonnen photo 2 Justin Gaethje can beat Khabib... Chael Sonnen photo 3 Justin Gaethje can beat Khabib... Chael Sonnen photo 4 Justin Gaethje can beat Khabib...

I love how everyone says “if Justin stays in the middle of the cage he’ll probably win” isn’t that everyone’s game plan against khabib? 💀🤣

by Yomamacrib 32 2 weeks ago

Everybody gangsta until khabib say let's talk now

by Ufc Fights 2 weeks ago

“Excuse me chael could you take a look at my car for me?” Chael: “there’s a lot of moving parts here”

by Enjoi Joshua 2 weeks ago

“You don’t know anything till you know it”.
Uncle Chael is an actual genius.

by Gaetano Accardo 1 week ago

I really started to like Gaethje, cause he's Innocently a Brawler, he fights for fun, not to bully or humiliate, he fights cause of the joy of it, I respect him.

by Poor Boi 2 weeks ago

Hope that the "Chael Sonnen Curse" ends...
Oh no. He's crediting Gaethje.

by J Cliff 2 weeks ago

Everybody has a gameplan until they get locked inside a cage with Khabib.

by Faizan 2 weeks ago

If Justin defeats Khabib I won’t know how to act, that feels like straying into an alternate timeline

by Josh Hazel 2 weeks ago

“You don’t know anything until you know it!” - Uncle Chael

by Joseph Costanzo 2 weeks ago

Conor is going to call out everyone in the LW division but end up fighting Diaz at 170

by Stewie Griffin 2 weeks ago

I can’t see khabib losing for a long time tbh every opponent he’s faced recently everyone’s said this guy will beat him and it just doesn’t happen

by Oliver Saunders 2 weeks ago

never have I heard so many words and learned so little

by Chaplin 1 day ago

Justin vs Khabib and Tony vs McGregor in the same card 💥

by Zameel Nichu 2 weeks ago

Won't lie, wouldn't call that "right hand" on Conor a "knockdown", Conor still had his feet under him.

by Aidan CE 2 weeks ago

It's believable that Khabib can be beaten. After all, KEVIN LEE has seen holes in Khabib's game....

by MMA 2 weeks ago

Justin fought tony ferguson, Who was training for a wrestler for about 4 months, and did a weightcut 2 Times before the fight, come on guys, in right preperations tony would eat justin.

by Alex Strauch 1 week ago

After Khabib vs Gaethje match, haters will be saying Khabib never faced a fighter like Tony.
People always want the weak one to win against the strongest one...

by The Quin 2 weeks ago

“You don’t know anything until you know it.” -Chanel Sonnen

by Andrassinator 1 week ago

Listen the man hasnt lost 28 times , so u have to give him respect. I still have to see someone dominate kabib. The man proved he is unstoppable. The only real question is will he retire unbeaten💪

by Mamoet Abdikarim 2 weeks ago

Let’s just take a moment to hope the best for Khabib’s dad, who is in a critical state
Pray for him

by The_Panacher 2 weeks ago

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