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Alpha and Omega - Nostalgia Critic

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It's been requested for years, so Nostalgia Critic finally looks over the animated kids film from ten years ago. It's...interesting to say the least. Let's see what all the fuss is about with Alpha and Omega.
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Alpha and Omega is a 2010 American 3D computer-animated adventure romantic comedy film directed by Ben Gluck and Anthony Bell. Starring the voices of Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, Dennis Hopper, Danny Glover and Christina Ricci, the film was written by Christopher Denk and Steve Moore, based on a story by Moore and Gluck.
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How many sequels does this franchise have......
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by Channel Awesome 1 week ago

“You got twenty million dollars to make Deviant Art a movie”

That pretty much sums up this entire series.

by Ian Watson 1 week ago

This movie came out the same year as How To Train Your Dragon

Think about that

by Dremcrak 1 week ago

Doug: "How are we gonna make our ad more interesting?"
Rob: "Cats"

by Lignum Kluter 1 week ago

"Romantic characters being ROMANTIC with each other is Romantic..." Amen bro. A freaking men. Can we retire or at least reduce the whole toxic nagging arguing 24-7 means legit chemistry? It is so not and even kinda loosely bad as a message really, depending how actually mean spirited the characters are.

by Avocado Smash 1 week ago

This is directed by the person who directed Open Season.

“That explains a lot” - Shrek

by Saucy Fry Studios 1 week ago

“Stop the insanity, go organic”

You protest against meat at the meat section, I want to buy more meat.

by Jay Barry 1 week ago

Let’s be honest, we all know exactly why this movie was so requested

by Maniacal Studios 1 week ago

Let’s be real:
That ad was the cutest thing you’ve seen all day and added 10 years to your lifespan just because of how precious it was to see fluffy cats advertise stamps and social distancing.

by Tactical Nonsense 1 week ago

That Mufasa Cameo made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to pass out

by dzilla2099 1 week ago

"I feel like i'm watching someone's collection, someone's really personal collection."

Trust me when i say that people have written fan fics about these characters, erotic fanfics of poorly made CGI wolves doing it human style ....i know cause i read them when i was younger and didn't know what they were...OH come one i was a Teenager i was going through puberty dammit.....

Boy do i have regrets now.

by Rough Collies Rock 1 week ago

Critic: It just hit me, Toby is just not an intimidating name.
Me: Clearly, you haven’t seen Naruto Shippuden.

by John Van 1 week ago

The mufasa death at honestly is the funniest joke in the video.

by Filly Natarashi 1 week ago

As someone who's been reading fanfiction for 10 years when I see the words "alpha" and "omega" I get war flashbacks

by Rosie Nicolson 1 week ago

Critic: "It's not just a movie, but surprisingly a franchise."

Me: "My god, THEY MADE MORE???"

by Bishop Thomas 5 days ago

Personal collection, don't you mean "fursonal" collection? I'll show myself out.

by homelee665 1 week ago

I have a soft spot for this movie. At the time I watched it I could tell it was nothing great but I still always had a good time watching it. I love wolves and am surprised they don’t get more animated movies. Back when I watched it I actually remember thinking that the character development for Kate and Humphrey was pretty good. Maybe I’ll have to rewatch it but I really enjoy the characters in this franchise. I think that’s a big reason why it has survived. It’s pretty much the only reason I’ve ever watched any of the sequels; I enjoy seeing the characters. Most of the sequels are pretty awful, but I like seeing Kate and Humphrey having kids now.

by Cameron Metrejean 1 week ago

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