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NFL News: Cam Newton vs. Tom Brady & Stidham, Patriots Cheat, Jadeveon Clowney Latest, Trade Rumors

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NFL news and rumors swirling around right now are around Cam Newton and him signing with the New England Patriots. ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky & Stephen A. Smith believe the Patriots are one of the best teams in the AFC now with Newton. Is Newton going to be the starter though? Bill Belichick and the Patriots haven’t guaranteed anything to Newton since they like Jarrett Stidham. Jadeveon Clowney was reportedly interested in the Dallas Cowboys, is Dallas interested in him? Field Yates thinks a Sidney Jones for Ethan Pocic trade makes sense and it has led to some NFL trade rumors around the Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles.
Cam Newton is the top NFL story today. He’s agreed to a deal with the Patriots and it’s all anyone can talk about on ESPN and NFL Network. Will he win the starting job over Jarrett Stidham? Does he have an MVP shot? And did the Patriots leak the Newton news to help hide that they’ve been punished by the NFL for cheating once again?
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NFL rumors once again include notes on Jadeveon Clowney. What does his market look like right now? Does he really want to play for the Dallas Cowboys or New Orleans Saints? Do the Cowboys have any interest in Clowney?
NFL Trade rumors include ESPN’s proposed trade between the Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles. Who says no: Ethan Pocic for Sidney Jones?
Here’s the full list of NFL Rumors, - Cam Newton & Patriots
- Patriots’ Playoff Chances
- Cam Newton MVP?
- Patriots Cheaters?
- Seahawks & Eagles Trade: Ethan Pocic for Sidney Jones?
- Jadeveon Clowney to Cowboys?.
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Who will have a better season? Cam Newton or Tom Brady?

by Chat Sports 3 days ago

The rigged game's continue but let's talk Tom and Cam😘

by Whitney Bowens 2 days ago

I'm excited about the move!!! Welcome to New England Cam Newton!!! Let's go Patriots!!! Wise choice by the New England Patriots!!! I ❤ #1 Cam Newton!!! I love Cam Newton!!! I love the move!!! I'm excited!!! Love it!!! I'm so, that the New England Patriots picked up Cam Newton!!! That was a good choice by the New England Patriots!!! I ❤ #1!!! Go Cam Newton Go!!!

by Jake Wilson 3 days ago

patrick peterson to the chiefs or cowboys if they have cap space for a 4th round pick because he will be a free agent

by Alex Kardan 2 days ago

Once someone cheats they will do it again when they think they can get away with it.

by Richard Frye 2 days ago

I still believe the patriots are good team, even before they signed Cam. I just refuse to believe that Bellicheck won’t be able to field a good team regardless of talent. I bet they make the playoffs at a minimum, with the potential to be about an 11 win team. And I’m not a pats fan, I just still know that Bellicheck will be able to field a team that can compete regardless of talent level.

by Jackson Rosenthal 3 days ago

Pats go 10-6 and get the 6th playoff spot but loose first round they aren’t the face of the AFC no more now it should be Chiefs or Ravens whoever goes furthest in the playoffs

by Julian Alvarez 2 days ago

Cn Stidham is as good as Blaine gabbert

by P 3 days ago

Screenshot me saying this, and know I’m right, time will show you. Can newton since the 2015 MVP season has done nothing but play mediocre. James white will be his saving grace AT MOST and stidham will replace him mid season due to injury or just plain overrated play.

by Jordan Deck 2 days ago

Who has a better 2020 season - Covid-19

by Joe Black 2 days ago

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