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COVID-19 - An Easy Way to Know You DON'T HAVE IT!

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WATCH MY UPDATED VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1nV4...
UPDATE 4/14/2020: We now know that people can have COVID-19 without any symptoms. And many cities are recommending face masks when leaving the house..
Dr Christy will tell us the latest on this Corona Virus including: Who should be tested, An easy way to know if you don't have it, precautions, and the progression of the virus if you do contract it so you'll know what to expect.

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Christy Risinger, MD photo 1 COVID-19  - An Easy... Christy Risinger, MD photo 2 COVID-19  - An Easy... Christy Risinger, MD photo 3 COVID-19  - An Easy... Christy Risinger, MD photo 4 COVID-19  - An Easy...

New information is out regarding wearing masks and people without symptoms. Watch this video for the latest. Remember that the data changes rapidly on this outbreak, please watch my newest videos and consult the CDC website.

by Christy Risinger, MD 1 month ago

Got to treat it early. Before it progresses. The first day of starting a safe effective treatment protocol, on the infection time line, is a crucial and highly significant factor in saving lives.

by jtcouch 1 week ago

My "symptoms" appear when I watch Television ;-)

by Sockpuppet 2020 2 weeks ago

I don't believe she's giving accurate advice. Not all people have a fever!

by Sherri Jones 2 weeks ago

An "An Easy Way to Know You DON'T HAVE IT!" is not provided in this video.

by Mirozen 2 weeks ago

My symptoms appear when I see these kind of videos.

by Gurdeep Singh 1 month ago

There, saved you 12 minutes.
V---Click-like this comment, so that you can save everyone ELSE 12 minutes of this obvious click-bait video.

by Tom Evans 2 weeks ago

If you're over 80 yrs old and have a pulse......you don't have it.

by Neville 2 days ago

Wrong, this virus is a product of the Chinese authorities.

by Geo T 3 days ago

This info is old news it has changed a thousand times already

by Shawn Martin 6 days ago

I coughed myself awake this morning and I immediately thought “covid” or “sleeping apnea”,when in actuality I probably just swallowed wronged. I’m stressed out.

by اليسيه 1 week ago

Telling people if their oxygen saturation (SpO2) is below 99% it’s not normal is incorrect. Most medical professionals will say 94% or higher is normal.

by skojo3e 1 week ago

My husband had it with no fever, no chest constriction, none of the classic symptoms. He had severe dizziness, confusion,nausea and vomiting. Tested positive twice and was told he had the neurological version of covid. With all the new symptoms, there really is no way to know if you have it or not.

by Coral Uru 1 week ago

When i go to the grocery store i assume everyone has it. I'm wearing the damn mask. Lol

by Katie Leona 1 month ago

Geez, this video sure didn't age well. Probably she should just take it down

by PureHeart 2 weeks ago

All those symptoms I wake up like that everyday. It's called looking for an excuse to not go to work.

by Michael Hope 2 days ago

I came down with the virus 8 weeks ago and I’m just now starting to fully recover. This virus seems to go directly for ones weaknesses. For me, the result of 40 years of smoking, that was my upper respiratory system and my sinus canals. For weeks I coughed up thick mucus and blew yellow snot out of my nose. 2 weeks ago my lungs finally cleared out and my sinus problem eased just a few days ago. Of course I will never touch another cig and I’m lucky that I didn’t get hooked up to a ventilator.

by jscratz 2 weeks ago

How about test everyone having had theese symptoms in the last six months for antibodies

by david devault 5 days ago

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