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A Chef Ate Gas Station Nachos For Dinner. This Is What Happened To His Limbs.

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Related case was published as Cureus 2017 Sep; 9(9): e1666. See references below.
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Additional Imagery, Brain MRI courtesy Dr Bruno Di Munzio: https://radiopaedia.org/cases/normal-...
Descartes. Diagram of the brain and nerves by Wellcome
Brain and Spinal Cord Illustration by Wellcome
These cases are patients who I, or my colleagues have seen. They are de-identified and many instances have been presented in more depth in an academic setting. These videos are not individual medical advice and are for general educational purposes only. I do not give medical advice over the internet, see your own physician in person for that.
This video was recorded with a Canon C200, Sony A7R3, and iPhone 11 Pro. All writing, narration, editing, and animations are by the presenter.
[0] Choudhry SA. et. al. Cureus. 2017 Sep; 9(9): e1666..
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Please see the great PDF by Lewis S Nelson and Lauren K Shawn published in 2012 on this topic.
#medicine #food #science

#science #health #chef #medical #nurse #medicine #knowledge #technology #botulsum #cheese #botulinum toxin #botulism symptoms #botox #dinner #hot dogs #doctor #food #botulism toxin #botulism treatment

Chubbyemu photo 1 A Chef Ate Gas Station... Chubbyemu photo 2 A Chef Ate Gas Station... Chubbyemu photo 3 A Chef Ate Gas Station... Chubbyemu photo 4 A Chef Ate Gas Station...

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by Chubbyemu 8 months ago

A man was rejected from a art school

This is what happened to Europe

by Soviet Union 8 months ago

A Chef Ate Gas Station Nachos for Dinner. This is what Gordon Ramsay did to his limbs.

by Sphiltic 1 month ago

This channel ruined me

Now whenever i eat i can almost hear you saying "D. G. Wake up and had breakfast one normal day, and he had some eggs like he always did, and felt great afterwards. A few hours later, he reported to the emergency room with pneumonia and motor dysfunction"

by Ø 3 months ago

I'm waiting for

"This man ate bat soup, this is what happened to world"

by gyopra 2 months ago

This channel made me realize how fragile we are as human beings , and no matter how cautious we are about our health, one day something as simple as a gas station food can kill us.

by Orivs Insidivs 2 months ago

"Immediately after finishing his gas station dinner, GP felt...


by Potato 8 months ago

A man ordered Chicken McNuggets

This is how his eyes caught on fire

by Untitled 3 months ago

A closeup of someone's mouth eating is incredibly offputting.

by Ender 1 month ago

Man I feel so sorry for that guy, lost his restaurant and then this.
The hospital bill must have been staggering.

by OrbGoblin 1 month ago

Someone: eats an innocent thing
Body: aw hell nah

by Goomboi 1 month ago

Because of these videos now I know not to eat:
-cookie dough
-old pasta
-gas station nachos

by Alexis Fearing 8 months ago

Please don't ever show a close up of someone jamming nachos in their face accompanied by loud chewing noises in my ear again...

by Jonas King 1 month ago

"He returned home with..."
Me: A crippling debt and hospital bill that will take years to pay off?
"limited mobility and function, that fully returned in 6 months."
Me: Oh... Is he in debt now tho?

by Wkterr 1 month ago

A man kicked a table.

This is how his elbows fell off and ears turned inside out.

by shane tremain 1 month ago

Man: does literally nothing wrong
Some anime hair guy: ...and this is how the entire universe shut down.

by Mathew Wang 1 month ago

Me: it’s just a cough
My parents: it’s just a cough
The doctor: it’s just a cough
Chubbyemu: I diagnose you with dead

by Tim Yang 8 months ago

A man fell into the river in lego city, this is what happened to his rescue helicopter

by Hussein Abbas 1 month ago

A gas station nacho ate a limb for dinner. This is what happened to its chef.

by UglyApprentice 1 month ago

I have a friend who cant watch the tv show House because he's a hypochondriac...i pray he never finds this channel.

by Light T 4 weeks ago

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