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A Student Ate Gas Station Sushi For Breakfast. This Is What Happened To His Stomach.

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These cases are patients who I, or my colleagues have seen. They are de-identified and many instances have been presented in more depth in an academic setting. These videos are not individual medical advice and are for general educational purposes only. I am a licensed provider educated and trained in the United States. I do not give medical advice over the internet, see your doctor in person for that.
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#medical #science #sushi

#doctor #sushi #fish #food #salmon #student #tasty #groceries #patient #health

Chubbyemu photo 1 A Student Ate Gas Station... Chubbyemu photo 2 A Student Ate Gas Station... Chubbyemu photo 3 A Student Ate Gas Station... Chubbyemu photo 4 A Student Ate Gas Station...

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by Chubbyemu 6 months ago

A stomach ate a student for breakfast. Here's what happened to his gas station sushi.

by Minty Prion 6 months ago

TB: the “Trash Boy”

by LANA AVA 2 months ago

TB was diagnosed as a moron, a condition that even with early detection, unfortunately has minimal treatment options.

by TankUni 3 months ago

“His reward was eating for free.... saved money in his pocket.” So much money saved, for his medical bills ....

by Jorge Alexis Jaimes 2 months ago

Chubbyemu: "TB"-
Me, an intellectual: t u b e r c u l o s i s

by ElectraCat Forever 2 months ago

A man breathed oxygen

This is how he died 80 years later

by ViperGaming 4 months ago

"TB argued back that cafetaria food was the real garbage, as he was wheeled off"

by Bilzebor 3 months ago

Bruh everyone is coming for him for eating expired food out of the trash but can we talk about the fact that if he’d bought the sushi instead the SAME thing would’ve happened because the fish weren’t frozen first?
the parasite did not revive itself becuz it was past the sell by date 💀it was alive & well the whole time. What this has taught me is NEVER eat from sketchy restaurants

by Wendy EV 3 weeks ago

A man stepped on a LEGO brick. This is what happened to his entire Central Nervous System.

by HappyCow 52 1 month ago

I'm suprised "TB" didn't just search the hospital's garbage bins for thrown away medicine.

by pfefferle74 2 months ago

If this channel has taught me anything it’s to never eat at a gas station.

by Megan 6 months ago


by Joe Ll 1 month ago

“It’s refrigerated, it’s sealed, there’s no reason anything can be wrong with it”
oh no

by Bobbyphil 1 month ago

I swear this could have been a House M.D episode

by Generic Account 1 month ago

If you had told us he was eating gas station sushi, I would have already been concerned. Then you say he was digging food OUT OF THE TRASH and I was surprised he went so long without problems... 🤮🤢

by ChucksterOLove 1 month ago

He spent more on medical services than he saved on food.

by Jamal Labarge 6 months ago

Surgeon: This appendix looks normal.

Also surgeon: Let remove it

by TheDewaltBoy 1 month ago

“At the end, he felt a little better”
*checks time left
nOt fOr LOnG

by Red Ranger 1 month ago

You'd think his "friends" would encourage him to go to a doctor. Sheesh.

by zofiej21 3 months ago

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