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A Student Ate Leftover Potato Salad For Lunch. This Is What Happened To Her Liver.

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Please take care when eating leftovers and when preparing food with copper utensils🍴
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Reviewer: Dr. Joe Akin
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This is a case about Wilson's Disease. Wilson's Disease is a genetic disorder with an autosomal recessive inheritance pattern affecting the ATP7b gene on chromosome 13. The inherited genetic defect prevents the correct production of the ATP7b protein, which is a copper transporter, meaning the body's ability to transport copper is impaired. Causing copper to build up. Causing damage to the liver cells by creating reactive oxidative species and forming a sludge in the gallbladder as the acute liver failure in CG causes permanent damage. Autosomal recessive means that in a family pedigree, it can often be seen as "skipping" a generation, as more carriers for Wilson's are introduced into the population.
As the copper spills into the bloodstream, it enters the brain. In normal function, the same protein as found in the liver also transports copper out. But because of the genetic defect, that doesn’t happen. Copper accumulates in the brain, and this metal toxicity begins to damage nerve cells, showing up as motor dysfunction in CG.
Treatment for Wilson's disease when caught early is zinc, which will prevent the body from absorbing copper from daily intake. In acute hypercupremia and liver failure, the only treatment is liver transplant. The qualification of acute hepatic failure is important in placing the patient on the wait list for a liver.
These cases are patients who I, or my colleagues have seen. They are de-identified and many instances have been presented in more depth in an academic setting. These videos are not individual medical advice and are for general educational purposes only. I do not give medical advice over the internet, see your own physician in person for that.
Dr. Akin prepared a Refigure for you to understand more about the disease pathophysiology here: http://bit.ly/wilsondisease
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Chubbyemu photo 1 A Student Ate Leftover Potato... Chubbyemu photo 2 A Student Ate Leftover Potato... Chubbyemu photo 3 A Student Ate Leftover Potato... Chubbyemu photo 4 A Student Ate Leftover Potato...

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by Chubbyemu 6 months ago

"her mitochondria can no longer be the powerhouse of the cell"

Mother of God.

by milkinaction 6 months ago


that my friend, is a sin.

by - Skeptic- 4 months ago

"Hey daughter why don't you eat this dodgy potato salad that is days old and gave me the squirts?". "Gee Dad, sounds like a plan!"

by Electric Shrapnel 1 month ago

“Heated up” and “potato salad” in the same sentence?? Oh helllll no, first mistake

by CuteFluteGirl 1 month ago

CG: “Hey dad, I feel like I’m dying”
CG’s dad: “that’s called ‘getting old’ honey.”


by Linlupin 6 months ago

"She didn't tell her father because she didn't want to hurt his feelings"

bruh I would've been like "you put some drugs in this or something?"

by Mystëry MøøN 4 months ago

Let's move to the comments section and see what experts have to say.

by Ashok Ratn 4 months ago

The poor dad must feel so guilty,
And of course poor girl for getting so sick

by Jayden Burnham 1 month ago

CG: Dad, my whole body hurts!
Dad: That’s because you’re always on your damn phone

by what the hell man 4 months ago

Daughter: How good is the potato salad Dad?
Dad: Oh it's to die for

by Luis Sauceda 6 months ago

On her grave stone the message wrote
“Loved the potato salad, Dad.”
Just so he didn’t feel bad..

by LA Raine 1 month ago

As soon as he mentioned the the home made pickles I knew that they were probably the culprit

by Austin Ames 1 month ago

"Heated up the potato salad" god bless anyone who does this

by NotGleams 2 months ago

A woman went to an emergency room, this is what happened to her bank account

by noobslayer 592 6 months ago

Me: at store dad can we get potato salad
Dad: no we have potato salad at home
Potato salad at home:

by Jilly C 4 months ago

that poor dad, he must feel so guilty. He was trying his best.

by Shhsamantha goaway 3 weeks ago

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