a student ate only chips and french fries for 10 years this

chubbyemu photo 1 a student ate only chips... chubbyemu photo 2 a student ate only chips... chubbyemu photo 3 a student ate only chips... chubbyemu photo 4 a student ate only chips...


by Chubbyemu 8 months ago

Hyper meaning high
French fry meaning french fry
Emia meaning presence in blood.
High french fry presence in blood.

by Lego Yoda 8 months ago

His parents are the best at being the worst...


by MRrevs YT 5 months ago

Title: Student Ate Chips and Fries for 10 years
Me: oh he's gotta be like 28 right? It's that college life
Video: "17 year old"
Me: Lock up those parents!!!

by Adrian James 1 month ago

I would say that this was a parenting issue.....

by Marcus Aetius 3 months ago

>boy eats only high-sodium foods
>sight and hearing deteriorates

by Dovaah 7 months ago

A man was blessed with 2 ChubbyEmu videos in one month, this is what happened to his IQ

by Bennie 8 months ago

If this is the same case I read about, the patient may well have had a lesser known eating disorder called ARFID - avoidant restrictive intake disorder, where sufferers feel restricted to eating only a few โ€œsafeโ€ food items and have an extreme fear of eating anything outside of those items. Oftentimes things like texture can contribute to what is a safe food and what isnโ€™t.

by joonie tunes 5 months ago

Actually when i was diagnosed with severe anemia several years ago, I actually went to a classmate who was a vegan and she gave me a list of different vegetables and vitamins i should try to help get my iron and b12 up. She was a very nice woman. ^^

by LittleKittySilver 6 months ago

If one thing is certain in life, you do not want to be featured here...

by Sedail 8 months ago

"Probably watched too many of those loud meme videos, he thought"
Yeah, that is definitely the cause.

by Anime Fanboy 6 months ago

British person: sees title


by Crazy Dave 652 5 months ago

I wish when I was in high school I could watch a video like this. It would of been a lot more effective in a health class unlike the boring videos they show.

by Andrew McGee 3 months ago

Heโ€™s an average teenager...

Cuts to pickle rick plushies

by Fetus Yeeter 3 weeks ago

"An average teenager"
Shows rows and rows of Pickle Rick

by furrymessiah 8 months ago

I love how you're so professional and serious when talking about the case, but at the same time still manage to slip some meme references <3

by Kubusarm 4 months ago

โ€œChronic tirednessโ€
yes, Iโ€™m calling in sick to work today due to my symptoms of chronic tiredness.

by creeptivity 6 months ago

A woman diagnosed herself, this what happened to her mental state.

by black reaper 7 months ago

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