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A Student Drank 2 Gallons Coffee. This Is What Happened To His Kidneys.

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2 Gallons = 7.6 Liters
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Some caffeine is OK. 1-2 cups of coffee can generally be ok. Unreasonably large amounts of caffeine NOT OK.
These cases are patients who I, or my colleagues have seen. They are de-identified and many instances have been presented in more depth in an academic setting. These videos are not individual medical advice and are for general educational purposes only. I do not give medical advice over the internet, see your own physician in person for that.
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[7] Bioh G. et. al. Survival of caffeine. BMJ Case Rep 2013. bcr-2012-007454.

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Chubbyemu photo 1 A Student Drank 2 Gallons... Chubbyemu photo 2 A Student Drank 2 Gallons... Chubbyemu photo 3 A Student Drank 2 Gallons... Chubbyemu photo 4 A Student Drank 2 Gallons...

This isn't even my final form 😤

by Chubbyemu 2 weeks ago

A man got rejected from Art School.
This is what happened to Europe.

by Gritlor 2 weeks ago

"His mother Karen-"
I ran straight to the comments

by sfxworks 1 week ago

Student without coffee: brain failure.
Student with too much coffee: kidney failure.

by CarthagoMike 1 week ago

His Mother Karen: "Age restrict caffiene to 21+"!

by Tristan Thomas 2 weeks ago

"my pee is brown, haha the coffee is going through me"
Maybe medical school isn't for him...

by Iggy 2 weeks ago

I have to admit after my 9 years on YouTube this has to be the best channel I've ever found. Straight into an informal video, no cringe, no bullshit, keep the good work up 👍

by xxx xxx 1 week ago

Karen: “My child is perfectly healthy.”
Her child: *unconscious*

by SBTOPZZZ LG 1 week ago

"...borderline in Chemistry."

Kept forgetting what caffeine's effects were...


by Roger Barraud 1 week ago

"Never drink more than 4 cups of coffee"
Me: *Laughs in decaf*

by Birdie McChicken 2 weeks ago

Bad luck BB:
Says no to drugs

ODs on coffee

by Ital Chef 2 weeks ago

Reads title, sees thumbnail

“Is he okay tho?”

by DavaaGames 2 days ago

Damn man I once was like hey I'm gonna CHUG DOWN a shitload of coffee while studying.
Then I was like 'nah bro that can't be good'
So I didn't.
This is natural selection my friends.

by Diego Delcastillo 1 week ago

Nevermind the kidneys, I would have a heart attack from that caffeine....

by Allan Christensen 2 weeks ago

Patient: "I drank 2 gallons of coffee"
Doctor & nurses: "We need to test you for everything else first"
Patient: Dies

by Christopher Hall 1 week ago

guy: tries to get into medical school
also guy: teehee i must be peeing coffee :D

by Kriilo 2 weeks ago

Karen: “My child is perfectly healthy.” Her child: unconscious

by Rock girl 2 days ago

I like how his content started with gaming when he was below 50k subs. There was this video where he was talking about pc builds, and he just randomly talked about science. I even remember the comments that time emphasizing about it, and it was hilarious.
And after that video, the next thing he posted was already completely different.
Because of that I guess he started gaining more subs, with his new content.
Seeing him now with 1 million is just amazing and an inspiration for future content creators.
I don't know...it's just an amazing feeling that you knew this youtuber before he became big.
And knowing that he's content was way different than what he is posting now.
Wish him the best to continue doing on what he's interested at, and to keep on growing in his YouTube channel.
And if you discovered his channel before he started changing his content, I hope you got the same feeling I got right now :)
Leaving a like is appreciated 👍
So others can know how it all started.

by Star Lord 2 days ago

The 2 pots of coffee: I'ma bouta end this whole man's career.

by Jacethemace 1 week ago

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