a tiktoker drank 1 bottle nutmeg spice this is what happened to

chubbyemu photo 1 a tiktoker drank 1 bottle... chubbyemu photo 2 a tiktoker drank 1 bottle... chubbyemu photo 3 a tiktoker drank 1 bottle... chubbyemu photo 4 a tiktoker drank 1 bottle...

Anime hair now, Anime hair later 💇🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️
This isn't even my final form

by Chubbyemu 1 month ago

"He drank 4 gallons of water"

Veterans of this channel: oh no

by MatildeGD 1 month ago

"Why didn't you tell us that you consumed a bottle of nutmeg?!"

"The council of elves advised me that it wasn't pertinent information."

by SniperWalrus 2 weeks ago

This dude look like every detective anime protagonist

by GAME FOR FAME 1 week ago

I'm convinced that the government created tiktok to aid natural selection

by DiamondKraft 2 weeks ago

Love how he says "a tiktoker" as if he was a different species of humans

by __ 1 month ago

"The elves were going to come out soon bearing gifts of canned carrots." That's where I basically lost it. ☠☠☠

by Sarah G 2 weeks ago

Change the title to: "A man used Tiktok. This is what happened to his brain"

And it's still a relevant title

by Gal Stone 2 weeks ago

“natural things are all made of chemicals” lots of people need to understand that everything is a chemical and stop vilifying the word “chemical”

by LuckyLondon62 1 week ago

Dude as a very depressed stressed teen I did every drug I could get my hands on, including nutmeg. Idk how or why anyone would drink that much. Tastes bad and a simple Google tells you about toxicity and effects. This dude is the kind of person who would eat nightshade for the views

by Morgan Kishbaugh 2 weeks ago

Bruh, homie’s brain was already damaged when he downloaded that app.

by Anthony Caminiti 1 month ago

"Nutmeg spice is from nutmeg tree"

hmm yes

by Lewes Alpha 2 weeks ago

I swear, I will do evryting in my power to prevent my childrens being this stupid

by Fortunato Samuel 2 weeks ago

“Natural things are made of chemicals.” YES! I know this person, ALWAYS says things like “This is organic and natural, it’s not made of chemicals like that one.” Me: “Yes it IS made of chemicals.” Them: “Shut up!”

by artman2oo3 2 weeks ago

"Some of them turned to pickles. It was the funniest thing he'd ever seen."

by U. N. Owen 1 month ago

A brain drank 1 TikToker. This is what happened to his Bottle Nutmeg Spice.

by Harry Reek 2 weeks ago

He worried doctors by saying "the elves are coming soon bringing canned carrots"

by Skye is the limit 3 weeks ago

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