how i lost 60 pounds in 16 weeks my weight loss transformation

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I am working with the same coach now (10 years later) and we're doing something a little different. Here's a full day of eating with the plan now:

by Chubbyemu 3 years ago

Hyperchickenbreastemia. Hyper meaning high. chickenbreast meaning chickenbreast. Emia, meaning presence in blood.... High chicken breast presence in blood.

by thankforsharingable 1 year ago

"A Girl gave her Boyfriend pants waist size 50, This is what happened to her relationship"

by Aaron Peters 1 month ago

Plot twist: the 60 pounds he lost was actually just Emily.

by Hand Sanitizer 4 months ago

he called me sexy in the first ten seconds i already love this man

by Sky The Doood 9 months ago

A Man Lost 60 Pounds In 16 Weeks. This Is What Happened To His Body.

by Aaronit0 2 years ago

It's worth mentioning that my dude here was already muscular before the diet, he just had a layer of fat on top. So he could afford to eat 6+ meals a day. All he really had to do was change up a diet/exercise plan he was already on, and he was able to slim right down. You can't eat this much without already having muscles to invest those calories towards. If you eat like that, and your just fat, you'll just gain weight. The average person isn't setting state lifting records. This plan worked for him, personally. But don't assume that a plan that worked for him, it'll work for you. Get professional advice, from someone who can make a plan to suit your individual needs.

by xenodorian 1 year ago

homies roasted him when he was fat and they still roasted him when he was thin. thats how you know they real friends lmao

by ruthlessebk 2 weeks ago

a man lost 60 pound in 16 weeks

this is what happened to all the girls that rejected him

by floofa 1 year ago

"I'm losing so much weight. I don't care about Emily."


by metalsabatico 1 year ago

Hypoemilyemia hypo meaning low, emia presence in blood. Low Emily presence in blood

by NELZEX 1 year ago

He protecc

He attacc

But most importantly

He get his fitness back on track

by IMXGN Jay 1 year ago

How I lost 40 pounds in 2 minutes:

Cut off a couple limbs

by MATT0927 56 1 year ago

He Lost that weight by drinking a lava lamp lol

by Kelvin Morris 1 year ago

Why is your door locked, you don't have anything to steal.

Haha just playing.

by Mad Funny 1 year ago

Once you got that MD behind your name, mothers were throwing their precious Emilys at your feet.

by Maafa 1619 8 months ago

I lost 50 lbs and my brother called me anorexic. People can be cruel when jealous.

by Ryan Howe 4 months ago

A man loses 60 pounds, this is how he lost his girlfriend.

by - Horizontal - 5 months ago

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