what hydroxy chloroquine does to the body

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I canceled a haircut appointment on March 15 in a rush to get my previous video out.
On March 16, stylist told me the state closed all salons/barbershops suddenly
Anime hair now, and anime hair later ๐Ÿ’‡๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

by Chubbyemu 1 month ago

Chubbyemu is man, presenting to the barbershop with a critical case of anime hair

by ca ka 1 month ago

I wish this guy would pop up and narrate the outcomes of my bad decisions as I make them.

by cubencis 1 month ago

ChubbyEmuโ€™s Hair โ€œA man stuck a fork in the toaster and this is what happenedโ€

by ProdigyGirl 1 month ago

โ€œCure is not a word commonly used by doctors.โ€

This is the single best sentence that has been said by anyone in 2020. Iโ€™m hitting the like button so hard my phone is going to break. Thank you!

Can you do a video on MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) please??? People have really gotten creative with trying to poison themselves these days.

by georhodium Geo 1 month ago

Doctor: tells us important information about chloroquine and how we must be careful
Everyone else: omg look at his hair

by Timy L 1 month ago

When you've gotta educate the populace on not eating aquarium cleaner at 6pm, but you've gotta square up with Kakarot at 7pm.

by Maxi Kay 1 month ago

"This isn't even my final form."

by LT. Surge 1 month ago

"I don't think anything natural can be bad for you"
Heroin: I'm about to end this man's whole career

by Rhonda Marshall 2 weeks ago

The wife is under investigation for murder. They have had a nasty relationship ,she had been charged with domestic assault

by Chris89Dak 1 month ago

i've taken hydroxychloroquine daily for 2 years now, to help with my RA, and it's really... not something you can just take.
I have to have eye checkups every so often to make sure it doesn't affect my eyesight, because it can attack them, and it's not good.
i had to have blood tested before i got on it, and blood drawn once in a while to make sure it's not harming me in any other ways.
so....yeah... i don't even take a big amount of it. just please don't take it ,unless told to do so by your doctor.

by Medjed 1 month ago

A physician skipped out on his needed haircut. This, is how he landed a career on Ancient Aliens

by Listen 2 the rain 1 month ago

My mom has to take hydroxychloroquine for her lupus nephritis. There's been a major shortage since the announcement that it could help with covid-19. It's left her in a really tough position.

by TheTabascodragon 1 month ago

It makes so much sense that he is a toxicologist. I didnโ€™t know that before

by zellty 1 month ago

Change the title:
A woman saw what Chloroquine can do. This is how she was charged of murder.

by skybattler 262 1 month ago

Let's be real here - That lady murdered her husband and got away with it.

by Bo Jack 1 month ago

Remember When Boomers Thought That People Ate Tide Pods? Well Now Boomers Are Eating Them Thinking it'll cure them

by Frosty Racc 4 weeks ago

He didn't "accidentally" injest the aquarium cleaner. He and his wife injested it very purposefully.

by Orson Hornbeam 1 month ago

You have no idea how bad I laughed the moment he appears. This pandemic did men dirty

by Yozuru 1 month ago

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