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Amiga CD32 - Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews the Amiga CD32 console. Watch as the Nerd dives head first into some of the worst video games ever. The Amiga CD32 had such "gems" as Gloom, Kang Fu, Oscar, Naughty Ones, Morph, Beavers, Zool, Dangerous Streets, and of course Surf Ninjas for some reason. This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 162
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by Cinemassacre 1 year ago

Great episode as always, I often see comments on newer Nerd videos saying "this reminds me of classic AVGN", but to me, you've never lost your touch, especially of late. Always enjoy more AVGN

by IntroSpecktive 1 year ago

That James guy is funny, he should have his own series

by willistic 7 months ago

Nerd: “Imagine beating a whole level of doom, in 10 seconds”

Speed runners: “8, take it or leave it”

by Whoisthisnoob ? 2 months ago

The "adapting my swearing to British" gag at is completely hilarious lol, one of my favourite recent ones from AVGN!

by ksio89 8 months ago

The only reason he didn't make a beaver joke is because he didn't give a dam

by Coletoons 1 week ago

Never stop man, been over 10 years and I still love your videos!

by ProtoMario 1 year ago

AVGN: "Imagine beating a level of DOOM in 10 seconds!"
Speedrun Community: "Boi we beat a level of DOOM in 8 seconds!"

by LEGOMAN 2 5 months ago

As a British woman seeing him adapt the British plug and swearing in British terms is something else 😭🤣

by greenbanana1001 8 months ago

“Futuristic Tommy Wiseau”

I actually want to play the game now.

by Joseph Najarian 6 months ago

The CD32 wasn't to blame for Commodore's downfall, at least that wasn't the main cause. Commodroe had made many mistakes years before. For example the A1200/4000 came too late, the A600 was a joke and a disappointment. For years there was no good successor for the 1987 released A500.
The profits were then pumped into PC development and missing developments like CDTV, C65 and and ..

When the CD32 was released Commodore's downfall was already sealed

by Tytus Romek 6 months ago

Hope you guys are enjoying the new Nerd videos. There's a few more coming out before the end of the year. Unfortunately, this episode is NOT on Amazon Prime yet, we are having some technical issues with the service... also, we aren't happy that fans outside of the US & UK can't even use it yet. We are working on a solution. For the time being, new AVGN episodes will appear on YouTube first. There will be an update video once we figure it out. Thanks!

by Cinemassacre 1 year ago

"Gloom", he he what a thoughtful title; well, not really.
That "Kang Fu" game reminds me of something that would be part of the Action 52 collection.

by gluserty 6 months ago

Now image being the game designer of “Dangerous Streets” 😂

by MrPasqual1 4 weeks ago

I feel like Pennsylvania man was a developer adding himself in the game lol

by In A Gadda Da Bleeda_ 6 months ago

When life is kickin my ass I just sit back... take a breath... and remember someone actually bought KANG FU. Yeah.... I feel better now...

by Diajinn 8 months ago

"Imagine completing a whole level of DOOM in 10 seconds!"
Karl Jobst: Are you challenging me?

by Dylan Bayleef 1 month ago

We all know James is very deliberate in what he puts in his videos. That being said, I’m curious about the Kid Dracula in the Super Game Boy. I wonder if that’s a possible episode in the future.

by Shakey Ownz 2 weeks ago

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