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Best Video Store I've Ever Seen!! - "Movie Madness" in Portland, Oregon

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Movie Madness in Portland, OR puts Cinemassacre Video to shame. It's got tens of thousands of different films, movie props and wardrobe, and it's very own screening room. The store was opened by Hollywood film editor Mike Clark in 1991. In October 2017, Hollywood Theatre launched a Kickstarter campaign to purchase and preserve the store. Today it's thriving as a working rental store and museum.
Check them out here, https://www.moviemadness.org
#MovieMadness #Cinemassacre #PortlandOR #MovieMadnessPortland


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Itโ€™s nice to know places like this still exist.

by Michael V. 6 months ago

It warmed my heart seeing how happy James was to be there.

by McKnight Movies 6 months ago

Physical media should never die. We should never allow that to happen.

by KevinT1149 6 months ago

James, please get this guy on the show in some capacity. His knowledge, I'm sure, is second to none.

by KimbaRRRRR 6 months ago

I lived in Portland for 6 years and recently moved away, feel like a total idiot for having no idea this place existed.

by Astronut 6 months ago

Look at the smile on Jamesโ€™s face! It does look like a dream come true.

by philmstud2k 6 months ago

I just love how James looks like a kid in a candy store!! Lol the smiles are ear to ear ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜

by D Marco23 6 months ago

i recall hearing once that the dream of the 90's is alive in portland.

by Robert Sosa 6 months ago

There is no section for Mom&Dad on their map.

by Mio Kuroki 6 months ago

Oh my god, James and friends should open a place like this on the east coast!!!

by RavTokomi 6 months ago

Coming from someone who is obsessed with physical media. I could spend up to 4 hours in this store

by Rpg Gamer 6 months ago

Iโ€™m chris the guy that hadnโ€™t seen Death becomes her even though Bruce Willis is big on my actor list! Glad you got to stop in we are very lucky to have Movie madness.

by chris ludvigson 6 months ago

Kindred spirits, the guy is even dressed the same.

by MattChez 6 months ago

I think James just stumbled into a wormhole and found his future self in an alternate non-nerd timeline

by Reg Pett 6 months ago

It's always heartwarming to see someone with a burning passion!

by JezzmanGAMES 6 months ago

The owner is like an older version of James

by mulkytool 6 months ago

I live just down the road from there, any time someone from out of town comes in I take them there and Slappy Cakes (a pancake restaurant). Two of the funner places to visit in the city, glad you made it in there to check it out!

by Krioux3 6 months ago

The catagory for "Dead Teens" should cover a whole shelf.

by acdc09 6 months ago

This is like the West Coast James. Now we need a Gulf Coast James!

by ROBLOX VIDS 2 6 months ago

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