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Earthbound (SNES) - Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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When the Nerd finds a copy of Nintendo Power exuding a belief that EarthBound was a rotten game, he later finds reviews that show how glamorous the game was and reveals a fanbase for a title he now has to play. So he does โ€“ via the Super NES Classic Edition โ€“ and provides an insight about the game's various flaws but well-thought out gameplay. This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 156
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#AngryVideogameNerd #Earthbound #AVGN156

#Angry Videogame nerd 156 #earthbound ness #avgn snes game review #AVGN #avgn 156 #earthbound review #Angry Videogame Nerd #earthbound #earthbound snes

Cinemassacre photo 1 Earthbound (SNES) - Angry Video... Cinemassacre photo 2 Earthbound (SNES) - Angry Video... Cinemassacre photo 3 Earthbound (SNES) - Angry Video... Cinemassacre photo 4 Earthbound (SNES) - Angry Video...

He turned himself into a dungeon. Funniest shit ive ever seen

by Mal0 ver 1.0 1 month ago

Fun Fact: According to the filmography section on the Cinemassacre website, this is James' 500th film.

by Nickster 3 months ago

Earthbound had some real bad marketing that didn't do the game justice

by Nintentoad125 5 months ago

"If God had a favorite game, it might be EarthBound."

I can't think of a more flattering compliment for a beloved game, from a beloved nerd.

by EverDownward 4 months ago

Don't be afraid to do more "positive" nerd episodes James, as this was one of the best ones you have ever done!

by Midori Sleazoid 2 years ago

Undertale would never exist without this game. The developers had a problem, their development is very slow which could take 2 years. But then satoro iwata saved the day by helping the developers make the game for just six months. Iwata is a Nintendo legend

by Mohammed Ahmed 1 month ago

Young James: "Games are fun. What happened to you?"
Background: "Ghostbusters!"

by Jpelchat123 4 months ago

The Metallica reference had me laughing out loud.

by BorrisDaBlade25 5 months ago


Ok, that line was perfect.

by Grant Yoches 6 months ago

My dream is seeing James review Mother 3. I could die a happy man if he did that.

by Apex Gale 5 months ago

imagine going to a hospital and walking up to a nurse and tell them โ€œhey uhm, my friends died how much do i need to revive them?โ€

by kippt 3 weeks ago

"abortion exorcism"
that in itself, if done and handled the right way, could be a grotesque but brilliant film idea.

by Jm 115 1 week ago

"there is a guy that turns himself into a..."

Me:come on do the line

by vineo top 1 week ago

I remember playing Earthbound when I was pretty young and even now, I'm still unsure as to whether or not my memories of the game weren't part of some messed up fever dream.

by Yu ui 4 months ago

I hope Iโ€™m not the only one thatโ€™s watching this for the 20th time.

by old channel 5 months ago

This episode, Nerd doesn't play a game...
He plays himself

by TofuDaTurtle 5 months ago

Fun fact: the running teleport responds to controller input. This can be done to pull it off on an elbowed path, or to perform it diagonally.

by SapphireFlame 1 month ago

Earthbound's rated K-A because it makes children into adults.

by Slaanash 1 year ago

I love that Metallica reference, I laughed so hard

by Zoinks 5 months ago

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