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Wrestling Games - Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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The Nerd wrestles with a ton of bad NES and SNES games based on wrestling, including WWF WrestleMania Challenge, WWF Royal Rumble, WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling, and Saturday Night Slam Masters. This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 149
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Does anyone else think that LJN employees moved on to EA?

by TheAnimerican 11 months ago

"Worst there ever will be"
WWE 2K20 Would like a word with you

by Endless Despair 6 months ago

Its crazy The Undertaker is still around from Nintendo to current video games

by J Pnoy 10 months ago

THQ is the only company that has ever done wrestling games justice. No Mercy, Here Comes the Pain...need I say more.

by K. Irvin 10 months ago

Nerd vs Videogame Cartridge is still a better match than Undertaker vs Goldberg at Saudi Super Showdown.

by Rat Poison 9 months ago

Sorry, but I had A LOT of fun with Royal Rumble for the snes.

by Hi-Shin 1 week ago

WWE raw was a great game I spent hours playing that game with my cousin when I was a kid.

You must have been a button-pusher you know not really was not paying attention and just pushed buttons..

The Royal rumble option was killer on that game I beat the Royal rumble several times.

And the things we use the book it outside the ring was hilarious they also send like Popeye when you hit them with the bucket .

You could even use the ringside bill as a weapon
That game with crazy funny
I enjoyed hours of playing that game.

by Amonthered 3 months ago

I know this is two years old, but can we just appreciate the effort that went into making the SNES costume?

by The Blue Dragon 5 months ago

RAW is actually a decent game with a lot of different modes. Plus it had a good roster for the time(Luger, Yoko, Shawn Michaels, Diesel, The Hart Bros, Luna Vachon, Bam Bam, Undertaker, 123 Kid, Doink, Razor Ramon and Crush as unlockable) all with signature moves and the themes were always fun to play. It's aged kinda bad but it's still fun and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy better than Wrestlemania on NES

by tortugadave 2 years ago

"Vince McMahon should be ashamed"

by barista 5 months ago

So I'm guessing in about 10 years or so the nerd is gonna review the REAL worst there is, the worst there was, and the worst there ever will be WWE 2K20

by Joker 2 months ago

"Whatever I'll just pick Ric Flair"

by Home Life 7 months ago

The WCW review had me laughing so hard!😂😂😂

by whitehouse9999 10 months ago

The Entrance motions of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the theme song in the style of Hulk Hogan

by Josh Nolen 2 months ago

Fun fact: Strong Bads is where HomeStar Runner's Strong Bad got his name!

by A-man1998 1 month ago

in the 80's Hulk wore a gold cross all the time untill Andre the giant ripped it off b4 WM3 ;)

by Venom Hemi 10 months ago

Funny how the two "wrestling games" he ended up liking weren't so much wrestling games as they were tournament fighters with a wrestling backdrop.

I for one loved Royal Rumble on the SNES and the Genesis.

by Vast Ice Gaming 6 months ago

If I ever became a wrestler I’d go by the great name of Fred Fuchs.

by Calvin Cameron 11 months ago

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