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Katy Perry Reveals Suicidal Thoughts Post Orlando Bloom Breakup!

Clevver News photo 1 Katy Perry Reveals Suicidal Thoughts... Clevver News photo 2 Katy Perry Reveals Suicidal Thoughts... Clevver News photo 3 Katy Perry Reveals Suicidal Thoughts... Clevver News photo 4 Katy Perry Reveals Suicidal Thoughts...

They are still together they are engaged about to have a baby. She talking about back then.

by Alyssa 4 days ago

People they didn't breakup NOW!!! It's about their breakup in 2017

by mary clark 4 days ago

The title shouldn’t be named this so confusing

by Fifi Slash 4 days ago

I thought they broke up again but saw other comments then realised it was about 2k17

by Elon Malone 4 days ago

Im actually waiting for clevver to cover the video Tati just released + Shane Dawson’s meltdown on his IG Live

by billieyelash 4 days ago

The titled freaked me out. I thought they broke up again!

by Sasha Hallmark 4 days ago

omg change the title. i thought they broke off the engagement.

by Alexandra Adams 4 days ago

She's so beautiful she deserves happiness in her own life.. Every one has their own shitty things when people has money 💰 or public life it doesn't mean everything is fantastic 👏 we deal with a lot things.. This my personal opinion.

by R Sotelo 1 day ago


by Hunyo D. 4 days ago

Wait, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been dating for years now? Why didn't I know about this? I knew she's pregnant, but I didn't know who was the father! Honestly, I had no idea!

by Caro Land 4 days ago

Omg I was worried about the mama-to-be, her sanity during pregnancy. Yahoo news title is misleading. Good thing it was in 2017 break-up!!

by Chartreux N 3 days ago

talk about clickbait

by T A J A 4 days ago

Dated in January 2016,
Broken up in Feb 2017
Together again in Aug. 2017 (They attended Ed Sheeran concert and they're cant get off their hands of each other)
Engaged in Feb 2019
Announced their pregnancy in March 2020.
The title is so misleading. And her depression is not only about the break up with Orlando

by Marian 1023 4 days ago

KatyCat forever❤ and for life, I love her for the rest of my lives and will always support her and there are millions who will do the same, she is literally one of the most honest and down to earth person I've ever seen. She has done so much and went through so much, did right but people dragged her to hell for having sung for a purpose and hated her so bad, I just want her to be happy and together with Orlando and Bbcat.
She will release a beautiful album on 14th August, Plz support her guys she doesn't deserve the hate ❤

by Ajay Shakya 4 days ago

This title is SO MISLEADING I was so worried about her.

by Angela Connell 9 hours ago

I think we all remember how weird she’d gotten a few years ago. Mental health problems would definitely explain that! Remember how odd she was acting on the Ellen show? Everyone thought she was on drugs.

by Hayley Campbell 15 hours ago

You guys really scared me! I thought you meant they broke up now and I almost cried.

by Amal DIY 4 days ago

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