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Join Click as we play Hide 'n' Seek in Madame Tussauds Sydney.
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Pyrmont 2009

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Click photo 1 WAX FIGURE HIDE & SEEK... Click photo 2 WAX FIGURE HIDE & SEEK... Click photo 3 WAX FIGURE HIDE & SEEK... Click photo 4 WAX FIGURE HIDE & SEEK...

I’ve never told anyone this but, I actually have a super power.

by Crayator 10 months ago

Lannan: looks under marelyn monroe's skirt

Lannan: "this is so cool!"

by Plax 8 months ago

Cray: I have mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still, that I've become invisible to the human eye

by Jagoda Bjelovuk 6 months ago

Imagine if the wax figures were the real people, imagine what they would think of lazarbeam...

by Sreehith 2 months ago

Marcus has it easy with the gilly suit. Cray was the real winner, he was in plain sight completely still and Lannan walked around him like 3 times.

by Pszych a1 10 months ago

Out of everyone in that museum cray deserves an Emmy the most

by Luis Cheung 6 months ago

If lazarbeam is freshes dad, then ilsa is his mum and then Elliot must be his uncle...

by Tom Beck 1 month ago

Bazza: it's 40 degrees in there

Americans: that hot?

by TGF_kids006 5 months ago

“Some people say I look better in low light”

Well some people say I look better in no light

by Oakley Ash 8 months ago

I edited this so now no one knows what I said that got so many likes. 😈

by George Ayad 10 months ago

Elliot: hide under a table

Me: just put on a suit and your Elon Musk

by I’m Toxic 8 months ago

I didn’t see Elon Musk anywhere*Eliot walks past*...I found him...

by Sir Jingles 9 months ago

Lol, when Lanen looked up the skirt 😖 Imagime if that was actually one of them dressing up 😂

by XxCJ_GachaxX 3 months ago

Love that Bazza said “I miss you” to the wax Steve Irwin

by Owen Halfpenny 3 months ago

“What Lannan doesn’t know is that we brought costumes”

*Pulls out Dollar Store costumes

by Madeline Ha 10 months ago

Lannan “im cheating I can see you”

Also Lannan: “I can’t see anyone”


by Savannah Nathan 9 months ago

Lannan: I’ve kissed worse

Everyone watching after the wild fires live stream: Yeah you have...

by GDS05 5 months ago

I’m genuinely very impressed by cray’s hiding spot😂

by Matthew Tran 2 months ago

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