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California Governor Gavin Newsom on federal aid and economic recovery

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Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom on reopening his state. With CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Guy Adami, Tim Seymour, Steve Grasso and Karen Finerman.

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CNBC Television photo 1 California Governor Gavin Newsom on... CNBC Television photo 2 California Governor Gavin Newsom on... CNBC Television photo 3 California Governor Gavin Newsom on... CNBC Television photo 4 California Governor Gavin Newsom on...

California's income is second too none , but they need a Trillion Dollars too boost there Economy , :rofl::joy: bahahahahahah

by Steven Werth 2 hours ago

There can't be economic recovery until there's an economy again. So maybe check back once that's fully going again.

by Timothy Roper 5 hours ago

I'm so sick of his crap....

by Destiny 3 hours ago

The great need is we. All need to be able to go back to work!

by Pauline M 4 hours ago

Is California still spending money on the train to nowhere

by Mike 2 hours ago

The 5 economy of the World ...and they broke.dam..

by Reynold Diaz 4 hours ago

Uh,uh,uh.if I had 1 dollar for every uh, newsom says I'd be a billionaire!

by Larry Coburn 3 hours ago

What about the rest of us essential people getting paid less than the people sitting on their ass because they get paid more to stay at home..

by wade Eldred 4 hours ago

This is a joke right.

by ty Wins 3 hours ago

I think this dude's been smoking some of Humbolt's finest.

by Tim Medlock 2 hours ago

its a i take orders from bill gates issue

by moonshinefuel 2 hours ago

Dude just open the state let us work.

by Jon Aguilar 1 hour ago

Defy the Federal Government at every turn - UNTIL YOU NEED THEM? And sounding self righteous about it!:unamused:

by Robert Bierwirth 2 hours ago

Newsome....Nancy Pelosis nephew. It he hadn't spent BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on ILLEGALS... maybe he'd have more money for the American citizens of California!!!

by James Christianson 2 hours ago

Oh Open your State already Duh !! If they Do it for one they have to do it for all, We can't impact our Nation that bad after your forced extension of closure !!

by Wayne House 2 hours ago

you run the state into the ground then try to have other states bail you out? ............fake governor

by TheLoveHandlz 2 hours ago

Is this true that Newson is Pelosi nephew ?

by Cynthia Dean 1 hour ago

And yet, Cali has plenty of money to give to illegal aliens.

by Darth T 18 minutes ago

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